Advanced Stamina with the handy

Hello community
Did somebody experienced more stamina in sex after using/training with the hamdy?
I try to do stamina training and CH vids but i only see little progress in this. I also have to stop several times :smile:

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I am not too sure if it helped with stamina in the bedroom. But when I was younger I used to have death grip syndrome and I could last 40 mins minimum. It actually kinda took a toll on my mental since my gf wanted me to cum but I just physically could not. So I healed my death grip syndrome and all is normal nowadays. I am still with that gf and I do not think that stamina training helps me last longer. Though it is really fun to do 30 min CH videos, I cannot last. So to last longer I just have the handy stroke the top half of my dick. Like the tip and them some. I can last 30 mins doing so and it is a very pleasant experience.

May i ask how you cured the death grip thing ? I feel like i might be dealing with it now and not sure what to do about it.

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Sex vs masturbation vs training are all different. You definitely can train for sex through masturbation, but it usually needs to be done far more intentionally. When training for stamina, it’s normally suggested not to use porn. Your goal is to listen intently to your body and to identify the different moments which lead to orgasm. It’s very different than putting on a long intense script and pausing every time you’re about to tip- you’re not focusing on the entire journey and the different phases your body goes through; you’re just focused on preventing yourself from getting to one moment- focusing on orgasms (preventing or anxiety) makes for sub-optimal sex. I also suggest changing methods- one day/week use The Handy, the next pump into a Fleshlight, the next use only vibration, etc- this will also help with death grip syndrome as you should be able to reach orgasm through various methods of stimulation.

You probably can desensitize yourself which may help you last longer, but in my experience, there’s SO much extra and varying stimulation involved with sex which The Handy or any other device isn’t going to mimic- those sensations, build up of expectation and excitement, and all the other hormones involved are what will lead to orgasm. Unless you know how your body reacts throughout sex, you’ll not be able to efficiently control your orgasm.

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I just didnt masturbate for like a couple weeks. And try to use case toys like the fleshlight instead of ur hand or a toy that you can squeeze. I think there are articles online you can read that can help you. :slight_smile: