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I am about to buy the KIIROO® ONYX+™ and was wondering if that works in combination with all the awesome funscripts on this site. (i’m new to this kind of stuff and don’t want to waste 200 euro on something that won’t work with all your cool creations). Thanks in advance!

Have you considered The Handy? It seems like it has better reviews in general. The Handy works great with funscripts.

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I bought the first Onyx a few years ago and compared to Handy this toy is not worth the money.
Get Handy :cupid:

Thanks for the great advice!!

So I need this one?

That’s the one.
This is the official product website with more information than what distributors may have.
Also more info at reddit (product devs are there too):

The handy all day long mate, i started with a launch and the handy is better again, go for it

Thanks a lot guys, I’m going for the Handy. Will probably see you guys a lot more often here :wink:


Can’t wait for my Handy! I got that October pre-order thing because they just added some stuff (better strap for one). But it doesn’t ship until 11/15. And I’ve already made a decent amount of scripts without a device. It will be so much easier (and more fun :wink:) when I actually have the device LOL

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I also got the October pre-order. Mostly because:

  1. Cheaper on my wallet, it’s only $150 on the pre-order instead of the $225 it would cost you to buy the machine + extras separately (it comes with lube which is nice, but I already have 1L of it)
  2. I can share it with my (non-existant) friends because it comes with 3 sleeves and not just one.
  3. Improvements to the machine meaning I would get a better machine if I pre-ordered than if I bought it now.

Now for the reasons why you should get a Handy and not the others:

Cons of the OSR

The OSR2 is better because it’s multi-axis and has a max stroke speed of 20 strokes per second (handy has only 10sps max) but I doubt you have the money to splurge on a 3d printer + STLs + PLA material (even more if your going for PC or ABS) + electronics (at least $1K USD total, especially the printer).

Plus I doubt there’s any scripts that exceed 10 strokes a second (my music based scripts only hit around 5-8sps, maybe 10 if I pick a 300bpm song) or have multiple axis’ (there was a multi-axis test script though)

Cons of Launch and Keon

The Kiroo Launch is unreliable, discontinued, and expensive (especially second hand now). It also only maxes out at 3 strokes per second, which is too slow. The only good thing is that it uses ILF’s Fleshlight sleeves and it came out earlier.

The Keon is just a rebranded launch. The only reason why you get it is to get the case for the sleeves which fits Fleshlight sleeves and can be put on the Handy.

Cons of Contracting Devices (Onyx)

The Onyx is slow (2.33sps max), doesn’t even stroke (only contracts), has a slightly high price ($220 USD) which is only $30 less than the Keon. Why even bother using an Onyx when there are better alternatives that actually stroke

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Damn, very comprehensive. I was debating between the Handy and the Onyx, but I guess I made the right decision! Also yeah, it was much cheaper to get all that stuff with it and as my first device, it’s fine that I waited a while to get it. That way I could get good at scripting before it arrived :wink: Supposedly should be shipping out from LA in three days, barring any unforeseen delays.

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My advice is to get the OSR or build your own that can support multi-axis.

I actually bought the Onyx+ before seeing this site! Does anyone know if and how it’s compatible with any of the scripting here…total newbie!

@MidnightMonsterPRN - Onyx+ works already with SLR Interactive or Scriptplayer

Step by step all right here for you -

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