After my handy is connected, the purple color is still flashing. Is there any solution?

Such as the title

It is supposed to flash after being connected, but more slowly compared to during connection.
Read more about LED status lights at the official Handy website:

Yes, my handy state is in the state of trying to connect to wifi quickly, but I was able to connect normally yesterday, not today, I tried to set up handy through Bluetooth, but it is useless, do you know how to solve it?

I tried to share a hotspot with different devices, and handy showed up on the list of connections, but handy’s purple light kept blinking rapidly until it went offline again

Unless someone has a solution here I would suggest that you go to some of the official channels first since this is a forum for scripting. Of course there are many with device knowledge, but it isn’t the primary purpose for the forum. Some suggestions:

  1. Go through troubleshooting guides on the official webpage.
  2. Try the chatbot on the official support page.
  3. Google on thehandy and discord and you should find a reddit page with an invite link to the official Discord channel for TheHandy. There you can get additional help from the official support team. TheHandy is being developed in Norway, Europe so I guess they are working office hours in the CET timezone.
  4. You can send an email to their support team (not really recommended since it is slow).

As always, the more information you provide the better. The fact that it did work one day and not the other suggest that it is something with your home network (router, firewall, wifi). Remember that TheHandy requires wifi on 2.4GHz (5 GHz isn’t supported). Also try connecting while being closer to the router in case the signal is weak from where you use TheHandy. It could also have been a temporary issue connecting to the servers. Sometimes they are overloaded (or down for some reason) and you have to wait a bit before trying again.

Thank you so much. Thank you for your answer.

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