Ai scripts

SLR is back with more AI scripts. The first batch that was provided were so terrible, they actually gave me a refund for a few of the originals i bought. Can these new ones be trusted?

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Search here on ES. There have been discussions regarding that not long ago. I believe the thread was started by SLR reps announcing their new and improved AI scripts and the discussion about the quality continued in the thread.

Yeah, it’s complete rework by a new team.

Absolutely new code base:

Algorithms are constantly improving and scripts re-rendered

They keep saying they are new and improved, but the quality is still really bad. I really don’t think they should be charging people for them - they ought to put them in a free beta test site until they are at least decent.

It’s kind of a shame - I defended them a lot based on handcrafted scripts when NA teamed up with Handy for their crappy DRM script service. SLR touted their handcrafted scripts at the time, but they smelled someone making a buck over at Handy and now we are overrun with bad AI scripts at SLR as well.