All VR videos converted to flat. Watch with your smartphone connected to sex toys


It’s quick and dirty. Going to greatly improve smartphone apps in coming months.

Flat videos converted from VR look much better than expected. Feels super POV and you really get that feeling

That’s some demo:

Can’t wait to see it working with passthrough and adding all the flat videos with scripts.

360º projection that moves the video with phone rotation is not currently available. Working to get it back.

You can browse flat videos with your smartphone browser. Adding sex toys support into browser as well


Interesting, since I don’t currently do VR it might be the item that has think about SLR.

Looks good. Any chance to look around by moving the phone?

Moving the phone is not cool. We disabled it atm. Might need to fine tune the right speeds

It’s live now :fire: :fire: :fire:

More details: Try the SLR haptic experience on your smartphone!

Hey people, we are working to actively improve our smartphone experience and soon Passthrough will be available on your phones as well.

Have a look at how it will look in the first iteration:

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Tried it out for a bit today and seems some what useful.
There’s definitely room for improvement though:
– Couldn’t get scripts on flat vids to play.
– I must have typed “” 5 times before I got a little less aggressive with the back button. Maybe a link to SLR from the HC page or the ability to bookmark?
#1 PitA was this stupid email sub popup that popped every fucking time a page changed.

. You gotta fix that ASAP.

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Thank you for feedback!

For scripts, could you please tell me more on what did not work for you? Were you able to connect your toy? Check out this thread, there are comments with solutions for issues regarding the flat app SLR Haptic Experience on your smartphone! - SLR VR porn videos and interactive sex toys hangout

It was only the scripts with the flat videos on Flat Porn | SexLikeReal that wouldn’t play. The scripts for the 2D rendered VR vids worked fine.

Let me check with the team about the scripts.
The popup issue you mentioned, the guys are already working to get it fixed :pray:

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