Allow uploading .json files


I would like to start sharing behaviors that work with Ayva Software such as Ayva Stroker Lite.

Ayva Behaviors are stored in JSON format, and it looks like that is not a supported format for uploads. This is the message I received when trying to upload an Orgasm behavior today:

Is it possible to add JSON as a supported format?

Thank You!


Just rename the files to a .txt extension and leave it to whoever downloads them to rename them back.

That’s what I will do if it is not possible. But I prefer to not require the user to take that extra step if I can.

You might want to tag @hugecat (which I just did :wink: ).

While we’re at it, it would be nice if the .hsp (Heresphere profile) would also be accepted. People would be able to share their color-grading / scaling / viewpoint profiles for scenes.

added both


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