Allow Webp Image Uploads

.webp is a superior image format in comparison to .gif. It can handle more colors and can be compressed into smaller files.

Webp is now generally supported by web browsers: Can I use... Support tables for HTML5, CSS3, etc

Now that we have already embraced webm. How about webp as well?


I agree with this as if it allows longer/better quality gifs to show a preview alongside a few stills then it informs much better.

(I personally hate dealing with looking at anything .webp since windows image viewer doesn’t work with it but I need to just find a new image viewer)

added it. Hopefully it’s well supported enough on browsers?


Yep it’s I think become more widely supported now as Windows now is okay with it seems and Firefox ain’t had an issue with it back when posting about it.
Thank you. :saluting_face:


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