And I would be remiss to not mention


RIP Andy Fletcher. FUCK. :sob:

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It is sad. A great musician.

But please… do not start off-topic posting here…

Eroscripts is a funscript forum and there are enough posts everyday. I don’t need more (not related) things.

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It might be nice to have an off-topic section.


made #off-topic and moved this to it
if there’s not much activity, may consider removing it later


thanks. Upon thinking about it, I shouldn’t have posted it. For that, I apologize to all. I have been off ALL social media for 5 years (and will NEVER go back) and this is my only forum connecting to others…and his untimely death sucks…as a big fan of DM. I wanted to vent…or just voice my opinion. @mADsCRIPTS is right in just keeping this a funscripts site devoid of any outside off topic BS.

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