Announcement - The Underdog League 🏆

Hello everybody!

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What is the underdog league?

A league style tournament, including several Pornhub models, that are less popular or we don’t already have plenty of scripts from.

Models will fight for the first place in a tournament style of game (more details on that later).

How does it work?

It’s not fully set in stone on how everything works. Currently there is a choice between two different styles:

Group system: Pretty similar how bigger tournaments are organized like the world cup. There will be several groups with different models. Depending on how big the groups are you can vote up to 3 models, which you want to see proceed into the next round. The groups are getting smaller over time, while more models proceed and more are getting eliminated. It will end up with a final stand between two models.

Head to head system: This system will be hold up with 1 v 1 duels. The winner of the duel proceed to the next round, the looser gets eliminated. Winner faces another model in an another 1 v 1 matchup. This will go through until we have a winner.

You guys can make your voice matter again:

Whichever tournament system it’ll be, you guys will be the voters. You can vote on every single vote and choose, which model you want to see win.

What is the goal of the tournament?

I want to bring some light onto the lesser known models. There are so many of them, who are making great videos, that are suitable for scripting. We always see the same models. While there is s reason, we see them so often (their videos are great and the models have a high reputation), it might get a bit boring to see the same models all the time. I would like to make other models interesting as well and maybe dig out some hidden gems.

Additional informations and ideas:

I came with the idea in one of my later scripts I’ve released. @burtreynolds came up with more ideas and how to mix stuff up a bit. He came with the idea of a league with models, that are lesser known and we don’t already have plenty of scripts from. The head to head system is also the idea from @burtreynolds. Big thanks for the help and your ideas!

When we have a winner, I would like to collect video suggestions from you guys. I will then choose videos I will script out of them.
I also would like to add a betting system. You can bet on different things:
Who will win the tournament? Who will end up with the 3rd place? Who will get the lowest percentage overall? Who will win a certain matchup? Who will be in the top five? Who will be in the lowest five?
The one who betted the most correct answer can suggest a video from the winner model, that will guaranteed be scripted by me. This is just an idea, I will see, if I can make it work and add.

If this is well received, I might do a league with all the well known models. A so called “elite league”.

You have some hidden gems, that you want to see in the tournament?

Sure! Leave a comment down below with the link to that model. I will then take a look at the model and see if it’s something I potentially like to scrip and fits into the league. (Model has to be on Pornhub, please.)

Here is the list of the models already included:

(List can change over time. Some models may get added or some removed)

Click to open

Hansel Grettel
Cherry Grace
Kelly Aleman
Mia Queen
Kawaii Girl
Karneli Bandi
Booty Ass
Emma Modric
Chelsea Vegas
Dick and Janet

Your feedback and opinion:

I hope this sounds interesting. Feedback is very well appreciated on that.
Now I have two votes for you to start with.

Is this something that would interest you?
  • Yes
  • No

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If yes, what tournament system you would like to see?
  • Group system
  • Head to head system

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Thank you very much for reading and your participation.



Under"dog" league for women who don’t show their faces. :sweat_smile: Might need to workshop the name a bit.

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There are some models, who show theirs faces. Yes, it’s the minority. But the majority of models on PH don’t show their faces for obvious reasons.

Great idea, maybe I’ll find new models for myself and write scripts for them too

Kira Green has some great videos. Some are with just her and her husband but many also add in their girlfriend or sister-in-law (sometimes billed as Sisters Green)

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Thank you for your suggestions. I added them to the list. First I thought it might be too hard for scripting, because of the threesomes scenes. But I think I’d be doable :slightly_smiling_face: Videos are also looking great!


It doesn’t fit that much, sorry :slightly_frowning_face: Professional studio and different models per video.

what a cool idea

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Might be a little much, but getting multiple scripts creators together and having someone do a script for each model/1v1 would be cool. I know I’d look forward to the ‘weekly 1v1 underdog league’ scripts :grinning:


I like this idea. Maybe not weekly, because of the time consumption. But monthly is something I can see would work. Don’t know if any other scripters would be interested in that though.

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This is how the head to head system would look like. In total we would have 5 rounds.
I cut the models down to 32. I needed a number, that, if divided by 2, always gets an even number again. Otherwise this system wouldn’t work. 38 / 2 = 19 and with 19 I can’t make 1vs1 matches. Now there are models, with either 1 or 0 scripts.


Any models in there you think should get out? Any models you would like to see instead?

This is how a group system would look like. Either I need 4 more models or remove 2, to make the numbers fit for the groups.



If you’re still looking for more models with a lower PornHub rank or just one script:

Kate Pie




My Little Swallow


Yanny Yummy

Ivy Skye



LIs Evans

Winona Riley

Alexis Monroe


Mery Lax