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Can anyone recommend a good antivirus program? I don’t mind paying for a subscription as long as I know its some good protection. Lately I just don’t trust Google search results…

Windows basic antivirus is good. A paid one could be better but the free one on windows does a good job.


Where are you base?
If you are in US, i can recommand US base AV, if EU, i will recommand EU AV product.

I use Bitdefender Internet Security. 5 years in a row now, I am happy with it.


I use the inbuilt Windows 10 Security along with Malwarebytes

Not had a problem in years


Antivirus software is a scam.
Don’t @ me :triumph:

“It’s better to invest in a vpn than some ‘antivirus’ protection that will sell your data.”
Men why are you speaking about potatoes and Mars? This is not the same things ^^.

To configure mozilla

You say “It’s better to invest in a vpn than some ‘antivirus’ protection”
You mean one is better value than the other :slight_smile: sounds like a comparaison :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been using Norton for years and I’ve never had a problem with viruses or malware. Just make sure to buy a subscription card online, it’s much cheaper that way. Also, disable the autorenewal features before the expiration date or you’ll pay full price. I split the cost of a 10 device membership with my brother to save to money. It comes with a free VPN but I never activated it.

It’s actually on sale right now on Amazon. $35 (USD) is a good price, bought one myself.

100% - You actually dont need any Antivirus anymore as Windows Defender is really good these days - as good as free/paid antivirus out there

You 100% need ublock Origin addon extension though - saves your PC from fishy website clicks/links which is the most common way to get infected

Also run fishy programs/downloads through - congregates all antivirus scans as 1 antivirus programs detection is usually not reliable enough

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You frankly don’t need one. Windows defender + ublock + common sense is really all you need to stay safe online. If you really want to execute potential malware, sandbox it and only do that if you know what you’re doing. If anyone tells you that you need an AV they’re trying to sell you something.

If you’re on linux, you’re probably already good but good AV’s on linux would be clamav / maldetect / ESET. Note that AV’s are heavy on memory because of heuristics.

Source: My profession is Cybersecurity


thanks everyone for the tips…i think based on the responses Windows Defender is worth trying…specially since its free! I had been using Kaspersky…but they want $60 to renew and I figured it was worth some time to see if that $60 could be used better elsewhere…like maybe on some funscripts!!!


Run untrusted software in a virtual machine.

yes okay let’s necro a year old post that been answered :no_mouth:

but in case anyone is looking at this thread now that it’s on the activity feed, as of October 2021 Microsoft Defender is by and large good enough for the average user (assuming you’re connected to the internet). You can check out a detailed test of different AV products here

LTT/TQ also did a decent job recently answer the question of if Windows Defender is good enough

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