Any fleshlight sleeves are really compatible with the Kiroo Keon?

Hello there, I read that every fleshlight sleeve fits in the Kiroo Keon but it eventually deteriorate them because they don’t really fit completely, is it the same for every fleshlight sleeve?. I have a Fleshlight Flight, do you know how that model fit (or not) into the Kiroo Keon?.

Thanks you for your help!

every fleshlight sleeve is indeed compatible with the kiiroo keon stroker case. i have sleeves from mainline fleshlight and turbo sleeves and everything fits with the keon stroker case, been using them together for over a year together exclusively (preference). of note, the keon stroker case is slightly shorter than the fleshlight sleeves (maybe 1inch shorter, but the sleeves are so pliable its negligible in the end), but it doesnt functionally present any difficulties with putting the suction cap on or anything. the important thing is that the front lip of the sleeve is secured properly, which it is.

go for any fleshlight sleeve, no deterioration from the compatibility angle (fleshlight sleeve internals slightly deteriorate over time obvi but yeah)…you’re all good, go for it


Hello, if you want to use Keon, you need to buy a case from kiiroo… But sleeves from fleshlight fits to kiiroo cases. Regards.


yes, when you buy the kiiroo keon itself, it comes with the stroker case i talked about (since it typically comes in a bundle with a kiiroo sleeve included) when you buy from directly

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every variation bundle comes with that black stroker case which you’ll use with all the fleshlight sleeves moving forward

oh hmmm. just read that you have the fleshlight FLIGHT…i know its smaller in length, but i dont know if it is a smaller opening/orifice diameter, that is the important part…hm. everything i have been talking about is for full length fleshlight sleeves. i truthfully dont know about the flight dimensions specifically, might have to wait for someone else to help w that, my fault

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If You thinking about buying Keon check Handy first :wink: I have both… Since I bought handy my keon is not used ;p Handy is much, much faster and better.


Every case fits to handy

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It looks good but it dosen’t look very safe if it’s have to be connected at all times to work. I have a lot ot hair and I wouldn’t feel very safe with a cable on top of me, specially if it’s get heated.

It’s really safe :wink:

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