Any idea of Vorze and JAV VR scripts

We are considering adding support for Vorze devices for SLR app. It appears all of them have different SDK. It seems to be plenty of scripts for those オナホとVR動画が連動する!連動グッズでVR+1Dの衝撃体験ができるのはアダルトフェスタだけ!

Anyone familiar with it? How good are Afesta scripts?


I have a Vorze that hasn’t seen use in years now. I always enjoyed the experience it was almost too intense sometimes. :grimacing: :crazy_face: I don’t know how many people are even aware of it tbh. Might be cool to see how that would translate to a teledildonics platform.

We can probably just do up and down part for now then also add rotation support and upgrade scripts. Any suggestions

I used to be a big fan of the website “アダルトフェスタ” or Adfesta.
Contents are really good, but script quality is really low. Vorze toy cannot move as fast as the handy and so on. So the script is really different from the video.
After I bought handy, I stopped to use the site’s script.