Any software that can play to 2D from a 3D source?

Hi all,

I had a good look by googling but couldn’t find any video players that can play to a 2D monitor, using a 3D VR source.

I want it to include the re-projection to get rid of the distortion usually needed for VR, when the source is side by side 180 degree.

Anyone know of a good video player that can do that?

Thanks in advance!

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Isn’t this post of any help? I haven’t tried it, I just giving a pointer to possible solutions. Don’t know if 180 sbs is supported though. The before and after indicates that there should be support for it though.

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Use this ap Gopro studio an play vr movies in 2d mode


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Will be adding local player as well

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Hi @setouq!

Try Heresphere, when there is no VR gear connected it plays on the screen in 2D. Not sure if that is what you look for, but Steam has a free demo you can try if you wish.


potplayer is free and by far the better then anything else i have tried. it can be complex to setup, if you need help let me know. Also it provides the best picture in regards to standard 2d as well with madvr and all of its settings. The vlc option i havent tried, SLR will probably charge you at least a subscription to use such things, heresphere costs money. I havent tried the go pro suggestion yet though, might be legit

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I also recommend Heresphere (or Whirligig, or DeoVR (probably)). It’s pretty neat that you can use your mouse to focus on different parts of the scene, unlike in flat or converted videos.

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Potplayer seems promising as I got it very close to what I wanted, using mouse to move and look around, but I cant seem to make it work in 180, only 360, so everything is stretched.

thx but the go pro one didnt seem to detect any of my files. oh well !

With this media info injector thing, 180 sbs was mentioned as supported, but the injector interface still said inject 360 so i wasn’t sure. Very intriguing though as I’ve opened some files in the past that did automatically go into this “mouse movable, perspective adjusted” format, so I can understand what it’s trying to do.

You can use Heresphere (which is THE app for everything related to VR) for that easily.

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uhm theres a bunch of different 3d and 360 settings. also the renderer you chose matters as well as the filters.

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Released :fire: