Play VR 360° videos on 2D screen using VLC





  1. extract and run the exe file

  2. click on open and choose the video

  3. make sure “My video is spherical (360)” is checked

  4. click “Inject metadata” and choose a path for the new video

  5. click save

have fun


This looks great and I want to try it but I do not see any exe file in the download. In one of the readme files it mentions you can download PyInstaller to make an exe but I get a syntax error in Python when I try to run PyInstaller within Python. I know absolutely nothing about Python so that’s probably my biggest problem…

not sure which file are you downloading.
you need to download this one

here’s a direct link
after downloading the zip file you need to extract it and follow the instructions.

I see what I did. My dumb ass clicked on source code. Thanks for the help.

This worked great, thanks for sharing!

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Magic… Time to uninstall Whirligig. Thanks for sharing!

Just one concern - is it safe to delete the original video file? I hope this operation won’t cause any compatibility issue or modify the video in any way.

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glad it’s working for you.
not sure about compatibility issues but it modifies the metadata nothing more.

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Any way to make this work with Media Player Classic BE?

You can’t do Funscripts with VLC unfortunately

i tried but didn’t work sadly…
you probably use Handycontrol but to solve the problem you have you can use Scriptplayer

Will try thank you!