Any thoughts of using MIDI devices for an input?

It seems to be a great thing for upcoming SexLikeReal peer to peer sex toy connectivity or live cam girls sex toy shows.

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A cam girls next best friend:

Yea, i can see that working. Stick a bunch of preprogrammed patterns on the buttons, speed, range, pitch, sway, yaw, lube, suction, estim and wtvr else you need in the future on the dials, and she’s well and truly got you by the cock…

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It has been done. There used to be(still might be) an individual on this site who was known to use a piano keyboard to script.

NGL I’d be all over those and probably spend way too much money/time… no script like a live script!

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This is a nice idea - basically the presets feature of the Random Stroker app on handyfeeling, but you can control the preset selection with MIDI buttons, and the speed/stroke-range with MIDI sliders/dials. Could easily be broadcast to a multicontrol session.

For scripting, I suppose a linear MIDI slider (like a crossfader on a MIDI mixer unit) oriented vertically would be a pretty nice way to script in realtime (or half speed or whatever).

It makes me wish that the Handy team had added that ‘pattern’ mode where the script contains little loopable patterns that can be switched between. I always wanted to make a kind of dynamic cock-hero type app that used such a feature to switch between common cock hero patterns :stuck_out_tongue:

…aye, @timmaerevoet scripts definitely have a different feel as a result, i really like them. i understand they’re a musician already, so there was a natural progression to the piano as a midi input. As a device for expressing scripts in real time, i assume a cam girl (or boy) would probably only need a simple dial to control speed, a pair of sliders for the range parameters, and a few buttons for some presets.

The big win would be to learn to control it properly, get the practice in, in many ways it’s not unlike playing a musical instrument at all… yea, flute jokes all round…


(…meanwhile in the future, immobilized deep within the warm, wet, heavy megacunt of my TPE Fuckophagus, a veritable trope of beautiful maidens direct a score of machines in an exquisitely timed, beautifully composed, overture of utter sexual sublimation… bliss…)

You should be a writer ! I red it like a poem

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I think devices like the streamdeck might work, too, no ?