Any thoughts on the "upgraded" version of the Handy (v1.1)?

I wanted to ask if anyone has tried this new version out recently and their thoughts?

I have the OG handy for about a little over a year now but have been facing some weird connection issues recently. But the handy team came out with a new Handy version calling it v1.1 with a new upgraded clamshell, better lubricant for the slider, and an angled power cable that is supposed to require more force to be yanked out (at least that’s what they are advertising).

Disclaimer: I am not a new user but made a new account due to security reasons that raised to the level of outside this platform. Please do not ask me for details but know I will be chiming in here and there but its coming from someone that has been around for quite some time.


As a Handy User. I wouldn’t buy the new version. To less upgrades for my taste. It is there even a upgrade?

  • Idc about the lubricant
  • you can buy a 90° dc power adapter separatly

The biggest missing feature is still a mount :expressionless: and some kind of hardware/software interface to connect 2nd function like suction.

For those that would like a right angle adapter for their original version 1. I have found this to work well.

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This is the mount I use for my OG Handy and it has never failed me yet. It is a multi axis vise so you can change it to any position you want.

Also, I was having issue with my v1.0 handy so I was mainly asking if its worth the $20-30 price difference to get v1.1 or save that money and get v1.0. I am not sure but I think v1.0 clamshell has gaps between the different parts and I wipe mine down after each use and was thinking maybe some cleaning solution got inside.

An announcement is supposedly about 3 months away.

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I ordered the Stanley Multi-Angle Vice from Amazon for US$61 and ended up getting two in one box. Not sure if that is right, but SCORE! Love it for my Handy. It takes a little bit of positioning it just right to keep the buttons in the right place, but once it’s set up, BAM!

You ordered it and got it that quick? :smile:

Yes that is the right one! I got mine at home depot for $30 a year ago but these guys have increased in price and I was shocked when I looked it up a few hours ago. Maybe it is demand or the state of the worlds inflation.

Anyone who has a handy I definitely recommend these as a mount for the time being until an official one gets released.

It seems more like nice-to-have improvements, calling it a v1.1 seems spot on. If you can save by getting a 1.0 on clearance then go for it I’d say.

I’m still waiting for a different sleeve type/mount.

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They really should improve the power connection to the handy, current one is capable of disconnecting far too easily, for a few cents more…

I’d vote for a hands free option too, plus more ‘official’ sleeve options

ell yes, but a bit errrm ‘heavy metal?’

TBH I am not sure if you could get around not using metal for a mount. The force the handy produces at the high end is pretty strong and I am pretty sure if plastic was used that it would not hold up long term.

But then again I am not an engineer and the mount is heavy but I see that as a feature.

I used to have a similar issue with a venus 2000 [awesome milking machine] and fixed it with a mobile phone holder - a flexible swan neck with a phone ‘clamp’ on one end and a desk clamp on the other. Its was long - maybe 3ft, and very stiff to bend, it worked well, for sure there was a little flexing but it could take the weight/movement.

Not the same but somewhat like this, i assume a tablet holder would be similar but tougher

Can you please make a picture from the clamp attached to the handy? Thank you.

The most of the replies are total off-topic, please have a look here:

The price of v1 was cut down to $139, while v1.1 is $185 with welcome discount.

Is there a massive difference in casing or lubrication or any other changes that would justify getting the v1.1 over v1 at current prices?

Seems like not much of an upgrade. To my opinion the location of the power connector is still in a bad place and can be in the way, as I often have encountered.

And it’s still missing to have sounds instead of only just blinking/colored lights for signaling it’s state - especially useful to not have to take off the headset, when messing around with it and being unsure of what’s going on.

I would call that a 1.1… now it feels more like just a 1.0.5 to me…