Anyone else get the Quickshot Alien while it was available?

Inspecting the texture of the Quickshot Alien and if feels more smooth than textured. I own several other Quickshot sleeves and the texture seems to commonly be several mm deep. The texture on the Alien is about 2-3mm. I asked Fleshlight support if this was normal for the sleeve or if I received a defective one. Their response was that they can see the texture and it will feel different to everyone. I want to check here to see if anyone else bought this and does the texture look as shallow as mine…

If I remember correctly they had issues with full fleshlight freaks collection last year:

Wouldn’t be suprised if they had issues with quickshots from the collection as well. Wasn’t this quickshot only avaliable as extra if you spent more than X amount of money? I have only Riley Reid quickshot and the ribs are much more noticable, this just looks smooth.

They did have that promotion in the past. This time it was available as a general purchase for 3 days only. The texture on my 5 other Quickshots are MUCH deeper. I feel like their response is a bit dismissive.

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