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Anyone else use scripts without the video sometimes?

As the title says, Im curious of how many people use scripts without the videos attached. I guess Audio erotica from reddit is a fairly common (and are quality scripts if i do say so myself)
This one hosted here from RTS caught me offguard with its very slow and edge-like quality (Handjob with pause 30 minutes).
This one also! Also hosted here from RTS. Im sad we only have the 1 of 4? offered (Blowjob sim 04).

The music based ones from @mrdoesnothingalot like AWOLNATION - Run and Rick Ross - Money in the Grave are great but I cant seem to get past the meme on it to take it with any seriousness in these terms, no offense. They are scripted very well!

I found that i just set one of these up and watch a slideshow of pics or read a Doujin that doesnt have a voice over/video format so it cant be scripted. I had a blast doing so. Anyway, question still stands, any one else do stuff like that?


Here are the other 3 scripts from the ‘Blowjob Sim’ set
BlowjobSim01.funscript (1.4 MB)
BlowjobSim02.funscript (1.4 MB)
BlowjobSim03.funscript (1.4 MB)


I do basically the same thing when I do use scripts. You are not alone :wink:

Not intentionally but I was watching the Swallow Bay video with Bella Rolland and my headset died and I just let the handy keep going and man let me tell you with or without the visual I was worked over THOROUGHLY .


I got the AutoBlowAI for that. Works lovely for that purpose. Supposedly they trained the AI on thousands of blowjob scenes to give you a different blowjob every time. Think “theHandy” but at random…shit is intense lol. I have however made some scripts to audio from Literotica. (I’m not a fan of asmr and “tingles” so that’s my go to for stuff like that). And obv, made some HMV/PMV videos which I’m not always looking through my headset.