Anyone else want more darkroomvr?

I feel like there are far too few scripts for them. They have high quality videos and i also thought that a collab with slr would be very good for both of them


Yes. SLR? No.


No :stuck_out_tongue: Were you planning on scripting some? Personally I’m not a fan of watching non english speakers trying to act in english. Pure unwatchable cringe lol. Wish they stick to their mother tongue and stick some sub titles on.


True thats an argument. I just like their style. Do you know a site that does similar content with emglish speaker?

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I must say, DarkroomVR is my favorite studio.

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What are your favorite scenes?

yes please

Yes, definitely there is a good scene with Natalie Grace and one with Paola Hard unscripted I think. “Goodbuy Fuck” and “Pussy as a rental deposit”