Anyone have any experience with POVR scripts?

I was subbed to them last month and I noticed on my last few days that they had scripts on a lot of their videos. However, when I tried to stream or download them, I had to go through some weird steps where I had to open the site with a browser, connect my Handy and then play the video, but the script wouldn’t load.

I’m not sure if I just didn’t use the right browser, but was anyone able to get them working? I also heard they’re not the best quality though. Anyone got any feedback on this?

Weird didn’t know that was a thing. Also interested if anyone knows more about this.

I made a playlist of the ones I wanted to watch here: I Want My ACC! Anna Claire Clouds VR Porn | POVR

Haven’t been able to get any of them working as of yet though.

Probably AI/ML generated. Too bad you can’t download them easily. They have some nice content and it’s a headscratcher that they don’t seem to have an add-on deal for wankzVR subscribers.

That would make sense since I can’t really find any feedback for their scripts anywhere even on their forums.

In the past they exclusively used META scripts that were very low quality and only compatible with Kiiroo toys. I didn’t realize until now, after searching, that around the start of 2021 they started looking for scripters to make funscripts. I’m a POVR subscriber but never attempted to try their interactive features because the top of the interactive page still says they use the Kiiroo proprietary FeelConnect app.

I just tested it out in my desktop browser, connected my handy, and it worked. It took longer than usual for the script to start playing but it eventually did. No clue how to make this work in my VR headset though, since my whole workflow works around local vids and scripts.

Interesting! Any idea on the current quality of the scripts? Wondering if it’s worth figuring out how to make it work in VR.

I’d probably need to warm up a sleeve and try a number of different vids before assessing the quality of the scripts. So far I was just visually watching the handy move while playing Clara’s Rainbow Spiral Lolipop and it seemed well synced.

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After taking a closer look at a number of scripts from recently released vids, it seems they’re all scripted to be full strokes all the time, even when just working the head or all the way in, grinding. That was a common complaint with their old crappy META scripts too.

Oh that sucks. I was trying to test it out for myself too but I’m not able to get it to work at all. I’m on Edge and I connected my Handy with the key. It says it’s connected, I click play on the video and wait, but nothing happens. You just waited and it worked eventually or did you do something different?

I fiddled quite a bit. Put in my key, pressed the button, nothing happened, pressed it a few more times till it said connected. Then played the video and nothing happened. Went to the key window again and it said disconnected so I pressed the button a few more times till it said connected, then paused the video, hit play again, nothing, then the handy jerked, then nothing, paused it, hit play again, nothing, then the handy came to life. I think I paused and played another time because it seemed out of sync. Then it appeard to be in-sync after that.

Damn, yeah I’ve been fiddling for a while now in the same vein but still nothing. At this point I’ll just download the video and script the damn thing myself lmao. Thanks for your input though!

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