Anyone have videos/gifs of a script+toy in action?

In this post About EroScripts [NEW USERS START HERE] we had some example videos, but those went down at some point. Anyone have something we can link or embed here?

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I’ve been wanting to show people what the OSR2+ can do since it’s kind of hard to explain but haven’t been able to find any good videos so it would be nice to have some footage of that in action.

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found this one by @Realcumber on the web. I’ll link it. Porn GIF by realcumber, if anyone is on the hinge on getting. It blows every other stroker out of the park.


i can make a clip or two tonight with a handy

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There’s a series of videos of users playing cock-hero videos with the handy. There are even scripts that match, so you can play along.
I think something like this will do. I learned about interactive toys when I saw videos from this channel

ok so the handy does not like staying still for filming (and i don’t have a hands free setup) so I ended up having to hold and film at the same time so these clips aren’t the greatest but hopefully it gets the point across.

RedGifs seems to have modified how their direct links work so idk how to get them to embed now so here’s the links

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I made this:

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I’ve updated the getting started topic to link to this. Feel free to drop more examples.

OSR2 VAM video