Anything in particular I could do to improve my scripting?

I’ve made a few scripts at this point, but I don’t feel like my scripting ability is improving much. It’s hard to put into words how they’re lacking, it’s honestly just a vague feeling. Maybe I’m overthinking it. In many cases, the absence of criticism can make me more nervous than the absence of praise. Is there anything in particular that I could be doing to improve my scripts going forward?

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You are most likely overthinking it. I’m not a great scripter, but I do enjoy ones other people have made. Plenty of decent ones are just up and down with no fancy smoothing etc. A bad script to me tries to be too ‘accurate’. Like accuracy in timing is great, but trying to be accurate in distance moved really generates some weak fart scripts. With the play going on in a stock handy/strap, I don’t even feel those. Maybe they are better on a SR6? I dunno. But if I see all greens/blues on a script heatmap, I hard pass

I don’t consume a lot of futa content so forgive me for not trying out all of your scripts, but for those I’ve tried so far I think they’ve all been pretty decent and served their job right :grin:

No negative feedback is usually a good sign. No need to get anxious about that.

Just to clarify that green / blue indicates a slow stroke speed and doesn’t always correlates with a short stroke length. No need to rush through a romantic session as long as it strokes the correct length :wink:

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