Apple Vision Pro - Watch common VR video with Safari

How to enable WebXR in Safari on the Vision Pro:

WebXR is an API for web browsers used by VR and AR devices to deliver an immersive experience. It works as an interface between the headset’s software and the digital experience in the browser, removing the need to download an application. However, in the Apple Vision Pro it’s not usable straight away.

To get it working, follow these instructions

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Select Apps.
  3. Select Safari.
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the window and select Advanced.
  5. Scroll to the bottom of the window and select Feature Flags.
  6. Under Experimental XR Features, enable WebXR Device API and WebXR Hand Input Module
  7. Under WebKit Feature Flags, enable WebXR Augmented Reality Module and WebXR GamePads Module
  8. Exit Settings
  9. Open Safari (if it’s already open, refresh a WebXR-enabled page to check it is working)
  10. Try to Visit or your media server(emby、plex、and so on)and then play VR video.

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Considering it is Apple, a native app for video and scripts is unlikely…

The DeoVR team is working on compatibility with Vision OS. Don’t worry. It is estimated that a compatible version will be released in April 2024.

Using funscript with a PC & Apple Vision Pro:
1.MultiFunPlayer + DeoVR + DLNA Server
2.MultiFunPlayer + DeoVR + XTPlayer
3.MultiFunPlayer + DeoVR + XBVR
4.MultiFunPlayer + DeoVR + LocalFile(transfer video files to Apple Vision Pro internal storage)
5.MultiFunPlayer + Safari + Emby

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Hopefully soon… the lack of options to use the Keon(which is a piece of shit), and hoping handy will be better, but I’ve spent hours and hours trying to get both interactive video to play in Vr 3D combined with handy or Keon. This shit is making me going insane… I purchase services only to find out they only work with chrome which isn’t possible on Apple Vision Pro, or they require the Playa VR app which doesn’t work worth a fuck for Apple Vision Pro, and I can’t get it to work with keon either. This whole experience is so frustrating that no site or platform or app has managed to make interactive 3D VR work with a stroker device and playable on Apple Vision Pro. Like seriously it’s like I’m just going to have to buy a meta quest 3 just for masturbation and hope that interactive and vr 3D and playa vr app and dezyred and all these other fucking services I’ve paid for actually fucking work on a headset. Fuck! And I know nothing about scripts but I’m not even gonna ask how to find them and use them because it’s pointless right now if I can’t even get interactive and 3D vr to work from a porn site’s script already. For the love of fuck thousands of people have paid $4,000 for Apple Vision Pro and it’s the most advanced headset there is, yet no site or app or product or device etc has managed to fucking capitalize on this demographic that clearly has the money to sink into all of this if they’re paying $4k for the headset alone. Tick tock……. Waiting…… yes I know Apple is the reason this has been difficult to make work because of all the webx whatever the fuck shit… but god damn can’t any of these companies figure out a workaround??? Damn vent rant frustration dump over wtf do I have to do? Looks like it’s vr bangers and vr porn with moon player and no interactive device sync for me for the time being……