Are free VR scripts easy to get?

Hey everyone!

I’m thinking of buying the Quest 3 for use with my KIIROO KEON, however, I notice that a lot of the VR scripts that are posted to the site say ‘free script’ but then link to premium websites that require a subscription.

I don’t have a huge amount of money and have put it into my setup, so I’d ideally like to use free VR scripts, are there many of them, is there a website that only deals in free scripts?


Hi ilfdsm2,

With anything that says free script here the script is free. The link in the main post is usually to where the video originates. i.e a badoinkvr script will have a link to the badoinkvr site.

While it is encouraged to have subscriptions to video providers nobody will judge you if you get them elsewhere or if you already have them.

Some fine people have made a database of the free scripts on this posting.

List of free VR scripts - General - EroScripts

I think the stat is that there are roughly 4 free VR scripts released each week on average.


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