Are script makers selling or renting their scripts to the sites?

Do scriptmakers sell or rent their scripts? Are they gone forever to the site selling them? For example if Realcumber has enough of SLR, does he leave with his scripts or without them? What contracts are made? I for sure would not sell the scripts and would keep the right to sell them privately and not give them out exclusively. Would be interesting to know the fate of the scripts.

I think his scripts for SLR Originals belong to SLR.

The rest I believe belong to him and would be taken off the site if he ever left

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IIRC you hand over some ownership rights to the studio if you sell a script on SLR. Basically you won’t be able to sell the script anywhere else should the studio decide to pull out form the platform.

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Depends on whether they are employees or contractors, and if the latter, what their contract says.

If employees, the employer owns the copyright on work products.

If contractors, then the scripters own the copyright on their scripts unless there is a contract with an explicit assignment of copyright to the platform in question.

So there’s no answer to your question short of getting paid scripters to reveal personal information that isn’t your business.

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