Are you a SexLikeReal user?

Plesae let me know with this Anonymous poll

  • Yes (Active Scripts Premium or Pay Per Script user)
  • Limited user (Using HapticsConnect or DeoVR/SLR app sex toys integration only)
  • Only Videos, NO Scripts active or expired user
  • Not Now (Expired Scripts Premium user or single Pay Per Script)
  • NO, never purchased anything on SLR, never used Haptics Connect or DeoVR sex toys integration
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Any details in comments would be highly appreciated :+1:

I never used anything SLR related as i never needed it as I can make my own scripts for free.

Most scripts i use are CH’s, so AI isnt realy that mandatory either. But videos that were made using that (and still some handcrafting for finalizing) could eventualy get me interested though (but that would require me having the OSR instead of handy). And at the moment there are enough scripts on here so even if i for once am not going for a CH, there are enough options.

But its the plain case of free vs paid here that makes the diffirence. And its going to be hard to convince me paying when the free stuff does the job fine for me.


Thx for sharing. Perfectly understandable.

I’m still thinking we are getting to such an unparalleled level of service that makes everything work with a single click. Big hopes for multiuser and control my sex toys features.

Kinda reminds me Netflix vs torrents situation with even more value on our end as it’s much easier to download and play videos than do all the things with VR and haptics.

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I am a lifetime premium with scripts member and love it.

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  • Netflix flourished because it was cheap and had lots of content. Torrents are back again (in movies and gaming) (DRM + Pricing) since netflix region locks most of their content and every company wanted a piece of the pie. People also get more tech savvy each day especially with streaming services for free. Wich resulted in less offers and less subscribers and higher and less consumer friendly actions. Wich snowballs even more.

    I do not know how that will work in the future with VR and SLR in that matter, however when companies can make their own projects more efficient and cheaper they will likely opt for that. At this moment there is nothing like SLR on the market wich u have in your favour.

  • On the SLR subscription matter when i can make my own scripts for free and free scripts are available i will opt for that option. On a site like this u can also easely recognise free scripts that are properly made and wich person made them so u know what to expect and from wich person u can be sure that it is a solid made script.

    Free scripts u can test and try out. Wich is impossible with paid versions. U just gamble and hope the script is to your taste. Since there is a big quality difference.

    all of the above is my personal opinion on things.

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Very sporadic user buying specific scripts that I really want or exclusive videos if necessary.

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I had a 1 year premium membership that expired in May, I loved it and I miss it tremendously.

I was a member for about 2 years? I don’t like the idea of scripts being a different package/charge from the subscription (when the whole point of the site is interactive videos). So I eventually just canceled (didn’t use it enough to justify that cost). A few videos have come up that have piqued my interest but not enough to rejoin. Love the idea of the site though, maybe in the future I’ll join again.


I’ve purchased a lifetime premium subscription a few months ago. I actually don’t use scripts all that often when using SLR but that’s mostly because I prefer softcore (twerking/striptease) and fetish stuff (e. g. Japanese upskirt videos) when it comes to VR and those don’t really fit for scripts.

I do however think the integration of the Handy works really well. After booting up DeoVR on my Quest 2 I’m already ready to go. Using my SR6 on the other hand is more of a hassle to use since it requires using a PC.

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And its pretty much like that. But do note that there is a major diffirence. Popcorn time was completely illegal.

In the SLR case, you got faptap as competion. And that platform has good support for the handy. But a lot less for the OSR (and its unlikely it ever will unless a lot of makers obtain one). This is where your AI can do a very good job. And once the OSR gets more popularity and a very affordable price, SLR can become THE platform to go for.

Thats where even if i would not be a customer, i would definitely support the efforts.

And even though im technical enough, plenty of people arent. So good support for those can realy make a diffirence. Faptap might do well there, but the power of marketing can do a lot more here, and thats where SLR is beating faptap by a huge margin.

Even if it wouldnt be the best, marketing and being the most popular platform is still going to be massively helpful. Just because help is easier to find.

So keep up the good work!

what does it take to get you back?

Paying subscriber, but considering stopping. It’s a bit too much money for what it’s worth and for what feels reasonable to spend on porn.


Never tried as I don’t have a VR headset: if there was more obvious support for Lovense toys+non-VR content, I might be tempted to give it a try.

Thx for bringing it up

We just converted all the VR videos to Smartphone POV projection working right outside of your smartphone with sex toys scripts support if browsed from HapticsConnect browser. Greatly streamlining everything to make it native smartphone.

Already started adding flat videos Flat Porn | SexLikeReal, in some month or two going to add all the flat videos out there.

Trend on scripts is downward with AI scripting in its current state, and from there it’s hard to see the advantage of this over VRPorn or any other video aggregator. Was waiting on some human scripts that never happened but their sad AI scripting did. May not continue beyond expiration.


Can you set the deivr website up with a “my scripts” menu section like the web version, it’s a pain finding script/videos on the quest

Have you tried launching in DeoVR browser? You will see the difference immediately

Trying Passthrough videos?

can you elaborate on that?

DeoVR? Meh. Big Heresphere fan. Passthrough not really my thing either.I subscribed because of all the scripts and the occasional SLR original. But if the scripts will be predominantly AI-generated going forward, it’s just not the same.