Audio Bug in DeoVR

Since a new update from DeoVR or Virtual Desktop the Audio keeps looping in an Echo while there is additional Audio from the video which makes it basically cancer to listen to. Does anyone experience the same issue or knows a fix ?

Its gotta be either a Virtual Desktop Update or a DeoVR Update that caused this, because 1 week ago everything was fine.

That sounds like a common similar issue where you hear yourself speak.

If you are using external speakers with your VR headset, i.e. not speakers in the headset, then try temporarily disabling any microphone you have and see if that solves the problem. If it does then you need to find the setting that disables the microphone playback. Google windows 10 I can hear myself and you will get tons of hits. Also check Virtual Desktop and DeoVR and see if there are any settings there as well.

my microphone is muted and disabled in virtual desktop so that cant be it.

The sound is really cancer because it keeps stacking currently played audio in a loop. So its kinda like it would record itself while playing.

Also I tested with Sidequest and a previous Virtual Desktop Version and it was still bugged there, so it has to be a DeoVR update that caused this issue. I wrote them an email maybe they can address this issue, even though i feel like im the only one with it.

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