Audio sync forum topic on EroScripts?

Ok, this is more a plea for help than anything.

In relation to the shutting down syncydink post I just made, most of the influx has come from audio erotica creators who don’t seem to have the resources to build their own hardware synchronization systems.

First off, to all developers around here: THERE IS MONEY HERE. People are trying to contract me to develop sync programs for them, but I have no interest in this (I’m mostly in VR/Games right now), so I am probably going to start pointing them toward this forum. Audio sync is ostensibly easier than video sync, so if you’re interested in contract work, I’ll be pointing audio creators here.

Also: Might it be worth creating a specific audio sync forum here alongside the video sync? Not sure if y’all wanna stay pure video or if it’d be worth mixing, but it’d certainly make my life easier if I could just point to this forum as the center for recorded media synchronization. :smiley:

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We already have a few audio scripts here. Most players support the audio files so there is no real difference if you play a video or audio file with a funscript.

Oh, that’s perfect, thanks for letting me know! :smiley:

Assuming anyone feels up to making it, it might be worth having a tutorial specifically aimed at audio sync anyways, especially for people on mobile. That’s where I’m getting a lot of my support requests from.

OpenFunscripter has built-in audio waveform function. You can access it by right clicking on the position window: