Autoblow AI+ Help

New user here, and I’ve tried searching for beginner tutorials on getting started but I haven’t been able to find one specifically for the Autoblow AI+.

It doesn’t have a bluetooth capability, only wifi. If anyone can point me in the right direction, I would greatly appreciate it.

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…oh deer, my commiserations. i bought an Autoblow iteration once, worst thing i ever stuck my dick in. The guy that runs the company is a fucking shark, the machines are overpriced garbage. If you have the available funds, i suggest you start again with a Handy.

The Autoblow AI+ doen’t have a script functionality, so there aren’t any tutorials for it here. It’s ‘internet’ capability is basicly just a remote function token swap, and the oportunity to play a few preset ‘handjob’ programs. If you’re enjoying the machine, then all good, crack on, but i myself found it to be rough, loud, and very difficult to balance or manipulate, and that was just for a quick wank.

i’m afraid the device is an example of a barely legal scam, the whole ‘let’s sell men stuff cos they’re horny!!!’ market has been full of shit like this for decades, no worries, i’ve chucked numerous stupid piles of plastic crap out over the years. Handy is the complete polar opposite, sheer quality at an affordable price…

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I remember being super excited to get the autoblow AI and when I got it… man did it suck… and not in the good way. I couldn’t stay hard using it. Threw that thing out after two attempts of using it.

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I was really trying to be positive with my purchase but I know I have to be honest with myself. It really sucks (in a bad way :frowning:) The opening is too small, there’s limited sleeve options, it’s not even wireless! I do have the funds so I guess I’ll be chucking this thing out and going with your suggestion of the handy.

I appreciate it bro.

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Bro I’m doing the same thing lmfao

Oh well. It is what it is. Chucking it out today and getting the Handy.

You will not regret it

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