Autoblow AI Ultra Funscript info

Hi to everyone i’m new to Eroscript and i just want to know if anyone it’s working on Autoblow AI Ultra Funscript. I alredy used Handy’s Funscript but sometimes it’s like i’m not using 100% of It.

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Hi, I am one of the script writers for Autoblow

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Hi do you think that Is It possible to use every Funscript on every device without any problem? I’m just curious, thanks. Do you suggest me any of your Funscript in particular? And Is It possibile to Sync. the Autoblow AI Ultra to a game ?

Some scripts are adapted specifically for a particular device, but in general you can run it on any device.

It all depends on your tastes, in addition to what you find on the autoblow website, you can try my other scripts locally

I’m not sure, but most likely this is not possible yet

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Do you think Autoblow developer Will be ever engaged in a project like that?

The synced Library is a cool addition to autoblow, thanks for your work!
The walkthrough videos on the autoblow website barely mention the uploading feature, so im hoping you can provide more info on how to obtain a funscript from videos we choose to upload and sync with our device. And are there options or alternatives as an iphone and imac user who want to use this online feature with autoblow

I have an autoblow, the “uploading” feature is kind of misnamed. You aren’t actually uploading the video to a remote website, the “website” is just a tool to play a video. You go to a webpage that lets you select a video and funscript on your local computer (or phone, or mac, or whatever), and the webpage handles video playback on your device and syncing to the autoblow. It’s totally OS agnostic so it should work on mac, linux, windows, or whatever else.

Anyone played around with the API yet? Looking for a local player that will use their api to play the funscript with the video locally.

There is an API for the ULTRA and I would love to see GitHub - FredTungsten/ScriptPlayer: ScriptPlayer is a video player that controls the Handy and lots of other toys in sync with videos. be able to connect and play the funscripts synced to videos

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Smart here. I’m happy with mine but I get tired of have to upload the video and funscript Everytime.

Yeah, well it doesn’t upload the video and funscript, it just loads them in the browser afaik. That would be the point of a program/player that is an app, so one wouldn’t have to open the browser/their webapp every time and connect just to play a video/script