Automatic Video Editing for PMVs (Guide)

As promised here is a easy way you can get most of the annoying time consuming stuff out of the way when making a PMV.

The script linked below is pretty awesome and well worth the money in my opinion. There are 2 version but the After Effects one is far better than the Premier one.

Ok so lets quickly create a video

  1. Click create composition
    It will then create a video folder and audio folder in your comp

  2. Put your video files in the video folder and a SINGLE audio file in the audio folder.

  3. The settings are pretty self explanatory. I’ve found using the default settings and adjusting the ‘Video Cut Speed’ produces the best results.

  4. Once you’ve added the files and adjusted any settings click the ‘Do it’ button.

  5. You can now play the results and see what you think. If you don’t like it just delete everything from the timeline and adjust settings and run it again.

  6. If you are using a bunch of different size / aspect ratio clips you can highlight everything once the auto edit is done and select scale to hight or width of the comp.

Here is the video output following just these steps.
In my example im using TikTok videos. After The editing is done I move them to the side of the frame and then duplicate them to the other side and apply a horizontal flip so it’s a mirrored image with the middle missing.

Here is the exact same process but using the fastest cut speed.

Render that and you have pretty good base to get started. You can then sort of pick and choose your main clips that will be centered and either run them though the same process at a different edit speed so they still line up to the beat but they change at a different rate or tempo.

Software I’m using to download TikTok is 4kTokkit. Its’ a Russian based company but i’ve had no issues with it. It doesn’t do no watermark though but it’s great for bulk downloading and updating daily.

If anyone has any suggestions they are welcome. I am not an editor and am self taught so I’m sure there are things I’m missing that would make it even easier / better.

Anyway Enjoy!