Ayva Remote - true live remote control of OSR2, SR6, and SSR1

EDIT: The Handy is now supported!

I just released a new web app called Ayva Remote that allows for true live remote control of all TCode enabled devices (not just changing patterns or speeds). This means that you can now do something like have a partner or cam girl control your OSR2, SR6, or SSR1 from anywhere in the world with nothing but a browser. Touch screen support on mobile devices allows for users to use their finger to stroke you.

The control is currently two axes at a time. Moving up-down controls the stroke axis while left-right controls a cross axis that can be changed (twist, roll, or pitch). This alone allows for a lot of nuance during remote play, and greater intimacy!

The site also includes a growing list of providers who already have experience controlling these devices. But of course you can get anyone you like as well.

Check it out here to learn more about it:


Here’s a direct link to (an outdated) video guide as well: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3wu5xeMsL_I

Future enhancements: support for other devices, ability to record and download sessions as a Funscript, more complicated multi-axis patterns, etc etc.

Happy Stroking!


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Hope The Handy support brings you more users! Good luck!

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