Be the toy!

I was thinking all the toy work by itself but…
If we moving ik the toy and this will interact in the video… why not?
I have seen a product in kickstarter viltualmate but… i do not know if it’s good…

I am not certain what you are trying to say here.

Are you asking about Virt-A-Mate?

Or this?

Virtualmate yes. But i was wondering if there is only one.
I do not know Virt-A-Mate.

And you have this one.
Anyone try it or know other solution?

I do not know anyone who has tried it but I have heard of it.

I can’t recommend Virt-a-mate as I haven’t used it but inam certainly interested.

Okey thank you :).
Hello people ahah anyone try it? :smiley:

Virt is fricken amazing! But it does take allot of computer power and effort in the program to get it to run the ways you’d want it to.
I highly recommend it but just know it won’t be an easy start for most.

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Virt a mate?
And i guess you can not use it with a Samsung Gear. You need oculus?
This is sync with the handy?

No, gear isn’t heavy enough for that program. You’ll need a pc headset. BUT the program does run without a headset too so you can still enjoy it without one.

Not sure what handy is but it sync with launch and some a newer auto device. I believe the connection is through virt made version of buttplug so anything you can connect to that should do it (?)

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