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Belt for Stroker?

Hey. I’ve been wondering if there is a Belt or something of that kind, which could be used to fixate the Kiiroo Keon around the hips. I think this would be really interesting, especially for VR and would give you the ultimate immersion. It might even make Porn Games interesting. If you think about it, holding the Stroker in the same position as you would usually hold your Hand when masturbating takes away some Part of the Potential the Strokers would have. And of course its really nice to be able to use your hands while the Stroker is fixated, for example for the VR Controllers.

I cant wait for future Sextoys like the OSR 2 with 3d Motion and a Belt.

Kiiroo actually sells a neck strap attachment that keeps the Keon on the hips which you could probably macguyver a belt to it for extra stability

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IF someone “MacGyvers” this, would love to learn the Details…as in case of Keon, the moving part is WITHIN the device and not next to it like in case of the Handy, i don’t know how one could manage this. One would need an additional belt to attach the Handy also to the hips to prevent, that the device is moving instead of the stroker…

Haven’t tried it myself but there is a 3D printable part where you can attach the bottom of TheHandy to a belt.

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Wrap a blanket around your lower half making sure the ends are behind you, sit down and then slowly loosen the blanket so you have some lax in the blanket. Once there’s enough space to squeeze the keon in, prop it in place and if need be tighten the blanket a bit more.

Won’t that stop the feel stroker from rising?

You can cradle it on the back at the top, you don’t have to cover the device completely.