Best fleshlight sleeve for 6”+ girth?

Hey everyone,

Been using a fleshlight launch for years now with the Stamina Training Unit sleeve that’s shaped like just a hole.

My girth is just over 6 inches and I’ve been ignoring the issues of friction for a long time.

I have to add lube like multiple times during HMV’s and PMV’s. And even then there’s still too much drag.

I just want light pressure so I can do longer sessions without beating up my skin too much.

Any suggestions on sleeves that would be best for my situation?

I’ve read that possibly Anna Foxxx Silk, Kissa Sins insatiable or Kendra Sunderland Angel may be my best bet. I’m leaning towards the Anna Foxxx Silk sleeve.

Any insight would be appreciated.

Well iam rather small down under…

But ia have a pretty large collection of fleshlights, and some are VERY smooth and kind of “gentle” and its need a lot of stimulation to finish with those and they strecht a lot…

One of them is Elsa Jeans Tasty. It seems tight at first, but the whole thing is way more “floppy” than other fleshlights in my opinion… so it stretches more and might be a good thing for someone with a lot of girth.

Its although a little strange how different the skin of the fleshlights are. Every fleshlight is kinda totally different, and not because of the inside structure. For example, i have the destroya structure twice… one with “stoyas” fleshlight an one with the normal fleshlight skin with a butthole (i like those fleshlight buttholes cause the lupe stays in the fleshlight better that way) They are totally different though… the stoya destroya is not even close regarding how intense the one with the “standard” skin is. The stoya skin is way more floppy and is stretching way more… the standard skin doesnt stretch that much.

That said… the elsa Jean Tasty fleshlight can stretch a lot compared to the others in is really “floppy”.

Other than that…

How do you even use a fleshlight? The case entrance is already only 3 inches? With girth of 6 inches you cant even get into the case :smiley: Are you sure you mean inches? And not centimeters? and 6 centimeters girth would be still… fuck, a whole lot… iam glad i dont have that much… dont think many woman like it that big. My ex-girlfriend for sure not…

I’m more worried about pressure. So the inner diameter is what matters most to me. Not so much the texture. Because of my girth the friction is higher. So I suppose stretch is a thing that’s based upon the sleeve’s pattern and how much material has been removed. Thus allowing for more give.

Also I think you misunderstand what girth is. You’re referencing Diameter of a circle. Girth is the circumference of a circle. So the total length all the way around. Imagine wrapping a cloth measuring tape around the member to get that measurement. Not the measurement of from just left to right.

I use my fleshlight with a Launch and I do longer sessions watching HMV’s and PMV’s. I even go until the battery dies usually. So on a normal person’s session where you are just watching normal videos or only a couple PMV/HMV’s, the extra friction isn’t an issue for me. But because of the longer sessions the friction turns to be a little abusive. So to mitigate I’m going to try the loosest sleeve I can find.

I just ordered the Anna Foxx Silk sleeve to give that a shot. I’ve heard that’s really good for girth.

Oh yeah youre right, i missunderstood girth… well, not my native speech, so forgive me, but good thing i know now how its messured :slight_smile:

now the inches make more sense right.

I dont own the Silk… but yeah heard that its kinda loose too… i dont like it “too” loose, and thats the reason why i dont use the Tasty that much, though it feels nice… but the stimulation is not enough for me most of the time, especially cause i like lower-paced script more than the fast ones, so… good luck with the silk. is a gread page btw… dont know if you know it, maybe you can find something there? you can even set paramerters to search for specific features and such. Caliente seems pretty loose too… well, you will find something i think.

I’m 5.5" girth and Eva Lovia Sugar has become my go to. Especially for PMV’s or CH. It’s the right amount of room for me and stays lubed fairly long. Alot of the others give me a similar problem.

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I’ll keep that in mind if the one I got is gonna be too loose!

I’m in the same boat, in terms of girth. Over the past seven years, which is when I first got a stroking device (first tried a Vorze A10 Cyclone, but it was simply too small to even fit), I’ve evolved how I handle things.

First, avoid being trapped into an ecosystem. The Launch is the first stroking device I had myself. I also have a Handy and an OSR2. The latter is what I actually use these days.

Quite early on, I took an extra Fleshlight holder and made the modification you can see in this image. Basically, cut along the red lines (continue them as appropriate around the entire circumference), then use heat to bend the arms straight at two separate joints. Using the holder in that picture, I can put a whole host of different sleeves, ranging in size from large ones that require removing the inner ring to fit, and small ones that require using a cut up old Fleshlight sleeve to fill the space between the ring and the sleeve (e.g. Tomax Lilith toys). I use multiple rubber bands to secure the sleeves inside.

That opens up your options for sleeves.

Next is the issue of lubrication. I went the route of a manual lube pump, which is just a syringe containing a lubricant with a tube attached. The tube is connected to the same Luer lock connector as on the syringe, which I created adapters for (which must be 3D printed). One is suited for Fleshlight sleeves. You just insert it into the opening at the end, and use a rubber band to secure it in place around the narrow waist. The Luer lock goes into the top, and the tube connects to that. When you depress the syringe a bit, lube is forced through the tube and into the top of the sleeve. The other is used, in conjunction with a threaded cap, with other sleeves. If the sleeve is not already open-ended, which is the case with everything I use, then you need to create a new, narrow hole to pass the lube adapter through. I secure the adapter laterally to the arms of the modified Fleshlight case with rubber bands, to keep it steady and provide some resistance to the sleeve sliding forward on the backstroke. If you want the STL’s for those adapters, just ask.

If you stick with Fleshlight sleeves, then you’re basically stuck with the same tightness and material softness. Back when I first got one in 2001, the material was a lot softer than it is today. Putting in the effort to allow using other sleeve is worth it to have more control over what you use. My current preference is sleeves made by Tomax, which are sold as “very soft” or “rich soft” (the latter being the softest). The texture of the sleeve, as well as the stiffness of the material, will affect how well it holds on to lubricant. As does the viscosity of the lube you’re using. But none of the sleeves entirely avoid the issue you’re facing, which is why it’s worth rigging up some way to dispense lube without interrupting your session.

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