Best Hands Free Mount

So what is the best hands free option for the handy. I have seen there is an official desk mount but I’ve heard it comes loose during use. Also i saw someone made a 3d printed mount which looks way better but the creator only has the 3d files for download no purchase option.

Start by using the forum search tool because there are many topics discussing questions like yours. The lastest thread, that is also active right now, is The (official) Handy desk mount experience (latest post 12h ago)

The following thread has been discussing this for a long time DIY Handy Hands Free ideas?

This topic contains many of the handsfree discussion threads:

3D printing is a common solution for DIY. If you don’t own a 3D printer there are both physical (depending on where you live of course) and online stores where they print on demand for a cost.


Thanks for the help.