Best scripted vr scenes ever?

Hey guys. I discovered this site a couple of months ago and it was quite a journey since then. When i first asked this question i mentioned i had slr and wankz subscriptions which obviously made everyone suggest scenes from those two sites.

And since then ive been trying a lot like vrbangers, darkroomvr, badoinkvr and vrcosplay and i will also try the likes of virtualtaboo, naughtyamericavr and wetvr in the future and it’s obviously great to have such a big collection by now but it also gets increasingly hard to choose a video for the one day per week im able to enjoy one since i have so many options.

So now my question is. What are your guys favorite videos ever?

Also underrated ones (i say this because videos like making it uo to you or better late then wetter deservingly always get mentioned)

So let me know your favorites and hidden gems from any site.

Thank you in advance and have great day everyone!


The best i seen

“Evilangel” Juelz Ventura Deepthroat

The video looks nice. It isnt vr tho!


This one is one of my favourites

Great scene and corresponding great script.

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Almost certainly this

“Hard” Times - Cosplay Virtual Girlfriend Experience with Pornstar Vanessa Vega (

The actress just did a stupendously good job with that scene, as can be seen by the positive comments on it.


Certainly. I like it a lot. Besides the ending. The ending doesnt quite do it for me

I’ll give you my two favorites:

My absolute favorite is
Might be a coincidence, looking at your profile picture, but this is such a good scene.
And she is just so damn cute. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I come back to this one quite often.

A close second is
Eve Sweet is just wow! :heart_eyes:

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These are my faves on Badoink. BTW - don’t even sub to WetVR, it’s terrible.

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I like this one a lot!
The girl, immersion, Quality and the script are really good.

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Thats funny and no it definitly isnt a coincidence. It’s by far ly favorite. Everything is just made for me about this video from the outfit to the ending just everything is perfect i dont have this pfp for no reason. And i cant get enough of layna because of this particular scene. This one here is also great


And the second one looks also good ill definitely check it out!

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I want the few videos that are scripted on there. What makes it so terrible? The few clips i saw looked good

Great badoinkvr selection. Im currently Downloading all the scenes with funscripts

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WetVR has by far the worse production quality of any well known studio, many scenes are unwatchable and most need some kind of stereo alignment fix, not to mention awful camera placement, scaling etc. It’s a clusterfuck. I did sub once, and these are the four scenes that are good. Happy Ending is actually outstanding but that’s a major outlier.

FYI the Badoink scripts on the website are AI generated so I would check on here for a custom made script for any video you download, luckily there are a lot of them on here.

Also, one of my favs -

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3 out the 6 so far are from @Zalunda . Kinda hard not to see the trend lol

Favorite scene/script of mine is probably this one with Eru Sato
Followed closely by Mei Satsuki’s(yep +1 for Zalunda :stuck_out_tongue: )

I was turned off by the censoring of JAV VR at first but they are almost unrivaled as far as immersion goes despite the mosaic.

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Agree. I’m looking at anything but a japanese guy’s dick during JAV scenes so pizelation has never bothered me. Personal preference of course, many like uncensored action. I just wish more western stars would be less…basic? Stop putting the camera on a guy’s chest/stomach (wtf is up with this view?). Invest in a good gantry, more face to face cowgirl, more kissing, more spitting, More taboo stuff other than step-family shit. JAV girls just seem to be way more into it on average. Exceptions apply of course.


My Favorites :heart_eyes:

They’re both great, so I can’t put them in order… :rofl:

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