Best sleeve drying method(to me)

Been using these for about 6 months now. Never seen anybody else use them for sex-sleeves. Drying sleeves.

I’m not affiliated or sponsored. I bought this with my own money. Might be cheaper available, thats just the exact one I bought months ago.

Basically push it in your sleeve, then squeeze sleeve around it, pull rod out. Then do it again to the bottom half of sleeve. Then its BONE DRY… As fast as you can do that, its bone dry… After a few dozen uses of same rod, you’ll need to do more passes and the absorption degrades(I start to wipe it off between insertion around then). Degrades around say 50+ uses. Then using a cleaner to remove lube first, extends the life longer. Lube seems to clog it up. I’ve tried to clean it with soap and let dry, but doesn’t work as good, at that point I toss it and get a new one. like 2-3bucks a stick, worth it to me. I’m sure there is a way to bring them back, probably need a humidifier like you’d find in a cigar box. For these sticks literally act like that, they absorb moisture even from the air. Which I suspect is why after cleaning, they still don’t work like new, since its absorbed already.

Its like using a massive q-tip, except no fibers. Its an absorption stone, same as rock.

Now I don’t know if its safe, beyond it is naturally made in the world. Then I have had zero issues at all doing so. Far as any rashes or degrading my sleeves. My experience is just my own. No issues for me. Few hundred uses.

It surely beats out any other drying method I seen. Dry racks, heat racks, fan racks, etc… All take way to long. These stone rods are literally instant, it will most likely amaze you how well some rock can wick moisture.

If this is new to you and you enjoy it, well then cheers bro!


Yes! This has been the standard method for swiftly drying onaholes. Many manufacturers has been selling these as accessories. They do have limited life span though, especially if your toy gets oily.

Speaking of drying, I’m eager to try this fan stand designed by SgtSagara:


That’s pretty cool, I’ve been using the drying sticks but I feel like ventilation should be better for drying hard to reach spots. I remember there was a model that uses an aquarium pump, but the shaft diameter was too large to comfortably slip my onahole on.

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I’ve printed and tried this dryer. No it doesn’t dry as quickly as using drying stick and pressing hard, but was still revolutionary to my cleaning routine.

After washing the toy, drain it as much as possible. Dab surface dry with towel, powder, put on the dryer, turn it on and go do whatever.

When I come back (usually after 20 minutes) it’ll be completely dry. Put a drawstring bag over it, fasten and remove to storage.

It dries more thoroughly compared to using drying stick and is particularly good for toys with a uterus structure.

For the 5015 fan ~2500rpm is enough, silence > speed.