Best sleeve for osr2?

I’m gearing up to build an osr2, what are some sleeves you guys would recommend? They can be from any source, and I’d prefer cheaper options but fleshlights works if it’s worth the price. I’m about 6.5 inches for reference

Thanks a ton lads<3 I’m super excited about having found this community

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Hello and welcome! This is a hard one to answer as everyone is different. The OSR2/SR6 are made for fleshlights so I would recommend starting there.
Personally I prefer mid-intensity sleeves for automated strokers. Glimmer, Toy Meets World, Cream, Utopia or Fuego are a few solid choices. On the easier side I recommend trying Silk, on the tighter side you can check out any of the anal sleeves such as Peaches, or Shameless. or are some good resources to check for more input on sleeves.

Also consider whether you are using the T-Twist. It doesn’t work well with all sleeves due to the position of the orifice in the sleeve. For example, the orifices on Ethereal and (to a lesser extent) Glimmer are not perfectly centered and are positioned more towards the bottom. This may be uncomfortable to some when rotation is added to the mix, so something to take into account when making your sleeve choices. I simply reduce the range of the twist axis when using these sleeves.

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sugar silk crush caliente - the looser ones work the best imo


My vote is for the Fleshlight Flight Pilot. Smaller than the standard Fleshlights, and weighs a great deal less. Less wear/tear on your servos and faster reaction overall. Not sure how girthy you are, so they may be too tight for you though. They also need an adapter ring to fit into the standard OSR receiver.


With some tools and little bit of elbow grease, you can convert a Fleshlight case into something capable of holding a great many different sleeves. I made a long post about how to do it on the old RealTouch forums, which now no longer exists. Here’s a picture showing the result:

To get the holder on the right, cut an intact holder along the red line you see on the left, which you should imagine going all the way around and being matched on the other side. The idea is to leave two stems on either side. After the cuts, the stems need to be straightened. This requires doing two bends. First heat the plastic at the shoulders, to make the first part of the stems parallel with the rest of the holder. Then heat the parts that are now sticking out at an angle, and bend them straight and parallel as well.

Here’s an example of a rather large sleeve in the holder:

You’ll want a couple rubber bands around those side stems to support the sleeve inside. Note that the inner ring has been removed for that one. Smaller sleeves can fit with the ring still in place. Basically, anything you can fit inside and secure a bit will work just fine in an OSR2.


whats an osr

fleshlight-creampuff,peaches,punk,shameless,crush(only for edging), squirt, destroya. in that order not about porn stars but more about the textures, also a good tip is try to avoid the hype, tryed destroya and absolutly did not live up to the hype. Oh and make sure u dont got DGS(so you can acualy feel the textures). Some pepole told me that the reason destroya dident feel good was because i had dgs(might have before getting desstroya but defnity dident when I got destroya). I couild feel all the textures from other slevees I even tryed just using destroya to break it in, but that did not work. Basicly get creampuff.

THE REASON: This is a very good choice, becuse its good starting point and its bit of everything. Ok so if you increase the sucktion(tighten the end cap) it becomes really intense and if you losen it it becomes less intense and more like an edgeing sleeve. the last thing is that is that its a repeating texture so you miss the part of teh texture you might miss wtih other slevees like cream:the net texture.

More if your still reading: would always go with fleshlight, because I have tryed everthing there is: softer and harder sextoys, bigger and smaller, expesive and cheap , even sextoys that are copy and pase(kiiroo feelstars) nothing comes closse to even the really bad fleshlights. I would save your money and get a fleshlight, cuz even the bad fleshlights are better then other sextoys.

TLDR: dont get destroya just for the hype; if its your first time with a fleshlight I would get

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