Best VR Paizuri (Titjob) Scenes?

I’ve grown to be the Paizuri (tit job/fucking/wanking) enjoyer in my time here.

I’ve noticed there is not a ton of high quality non-animated Paizuri out there, even less in VR especially outside of JAV, so I thought I’d start a thread for suggestions on excellent titjob content.

Things that make a high quality Paizuri in my view:

  1. Natural Breasts - The bigger the better
  2. Technique - She uses different motions and uses her tits rather than just rubbing it against her breastbone
  3. Length (time) of Titjob - should be more than a few seconds
  4. Uncensored

#1 and #4 are not dealbreakers, just things that I feel make videos better. Jewelz Blu for example gives pretty good Paizuri with her fake tits.

Of course there are plenty of personal preferences to factor in, but I wanted to keep the criteria as general as possible :slight_smile: If we get a lot of suggestions I’ll edit this post and create a compendium!

Suggestions can be as simple as a video title, or can include details like duration, where the scene occurs in the video, or details of the video itself.

I’ll lead things off:
A rare and super hot paizuri finish!
Natasha has always know how to give a great titjob, and really shows that off at the beginning of this video.

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If everything is good for the commisioner and all, I will release the completely scripted scene for that Paizuri banger next weekend or soon:

3 Likes The paizuri scene is really nice