Best VR Player ( MultiFunPlayer)

Hi every one, I just have question if someone tryed it all the vr players in the MFP The




Ant If You Have Expirience whitch one worked Best for you Meanin No Lag Etc…

DeoVR if you want to use SLR script streaming.
MPC-HC is not a VR player.
HereSphere is currently regarded as the best.

I use whirligig on Oculus and it works like a charm.

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Hey, how did you get Whirligig to work using MultiFunPlayer?
I am struggling.


I see you got your answer through your own post :wink: have fun!

Hello, sorry it took me so long to reply. While someone did answer, that wasn’t for MultiFunPlayer, aso I stil;l couldn’t get it to work.
I am having trouble connecting to Whirlligig and DeoVR. any help would be appreciated.


Which version of Whirligig are using? The demo/free one doesnt work iirc.
Also you have to enable “TimeCode server” in Playback → Advanced settings.

So an older one I am assuming.
If there is a pay version, I will happily pay.
If you have a link to it, that would be great, I will have a quick look though, to see if I can find it.


Links are available on the home page.

Hi, i already have Whirligig downloaded. Its just connecting it to Multifunplayer.


I checked Steam version of Whirligig (ver. 4.88) and it work flawlessly with MFP. You only need to check “TimeCode server…” under “Playback” → “Advanced” settings.

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