Best VR subscription possible?

Hi all,

Actually I have an SLR sub and I download some videos to watch them because of my bad connection. This month I will be allowed to get a fast connection for couple of days and I was wondering what could be the good subscription to get for VR videos this month to download a lot of them. I was thinking about naughtyamerica who have some good scene and models but which one you will choose in my position ?

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Beside NaughtyAmerica I can recommend POVR and CzechVR.

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If you already have/had SLR, it’s an easy vote for czechvr!


Aside from NaughtyAmerica, to which I recently had an active sub (just last month… and it was totally worth it) so many great scenes with top tier models and plenty of great variety when it comes to group sex scenes as well… I can recommend WankzVR and BadoinkVR (both of which do not have much content on SLR… Wankzvr ‘remastered’ scenes are on SLR but their back catalog and newest releases are only available though the actual site… as for BadoinkVR, I honestly do enjoy most of their content; as of late it’s been a bit of a hit or miss with them but their back catalog features some seriously HOT scenes for which you’d be able to find scripts either here for free or through a paid site from SLR or RS.

I just wanted to add that currently(as of right now, today) WankzVR seems to be offerring a 60% discount off their regular subscription fees for the first month… BaDoinkVR’s recent offer just ended… if you’re interested in that site, I recommend waiting until the offer returns (as it usually does every month or so?) where they allow you to subscribe at either a discount; or they have another offer where it allows you to get a 1month subscription to one of their sister sites for one fee (typically the price of a discounted 1month subscription).

CzechVR also comes to mind, if you’re into teledildonics and haven’t signed up for their site yet… I totally recommend it, maybe even make it a first choice recommendation because they give you access to funscripts with their monthly subscription fees (no extra charges for scripts); plus you also get access to all 3 CzechVR sites (regular/vanilla site, the fetish site[you’ll love this one if you like ladies in latex] and the casting[this one is more like a pseudo-amateur site] site.

I hope this helps you get closer to a final decision on which site to subscribe!

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Depends what your preferences are,
CzechVR has some very good content and you get free access to their scripts along with your sub.
WankzVR and BadoinkVR have really good scenes too and a ton of free scripts are available here for their scenes as well as many paid scripts at
NAVR also good although much less scripted content compared with the others I mentioned.

I would note that while WankzVR and NAVR offer interactive content through their sites those scripts are relatively low quality. The WankzVR meta scripts are a bit better than the NAVR ones.
The scripts on CzechVR however have similar quality to paid scripts at RS/SLR afaik.

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NA is great, but it has a terrible website so you’ll find it hard to find a lot of the hidden gems.

WankzVR has some good older scenes, but the newer scenes are terrible. Most of them are just going through the motion, model undresses, bj, fuck, cum. It’s not sexy, just overproduced.

SLR have a good website, but there support is terrible, they bully competitors and really they’re just kind of over-aggresive marketing wise.

VRBangers is the best website for me, amazing video quality, sexy well-made sets and hot scenario so you don’t feel like they just pressed “record” and now you’re fucking a model.

You might check out this site, it’s not as high-end as NA, Wankz or Badoink but it has a lot of content from various sites.

Last time i was a member of NAVR i could only download the scenes from the last two months (vr and 2d) and the oldest scenes. I did not renew my membership because of it.
Has that changed yet.

Does someone have information about a download limit ?

i dont remember the wankz network (wankzVR,milfVR,TransVR) having a limit same goes for badoink and CzechVR.
But i must say that i never downloaded more than roughly 10 vids a day

Well I just have a look to virtual taboo and the content seems great.

From the sites mentioned here I think only SLR and VRporn have download limits. For SLR it’s 50 downloads every 3 days, for VRporn it’s 20 downloads every day.

The rest I’m pretty sure don’t have any limitations, although some can throttle the download speeds if you start to download a lot of their content. Don’t remember which one did this, but get a download manager and you will be good to go.

Oh, and since you mentioned it I completely forgot about VirtualTaboo - that’s also a great site.

From what I saw on reddit NAVR allow to download just the 30days last videos and a collection of old videos changing periodically

That may have been the case about a year ago or so, as I recall hearing something along those lines… but … I never had that issue when I was subscribed to NAVR, I downloaded nearly half of their entire VR catalogue in the month I was subscribed lol

Ho good news thanks to post the info.

Yup, I am currently subbed to NAVR and don’t have any issues with downloading any content other than that I have to tick the box that I am not human every time I do. That and site interface that becomes worse than it’s free version after you login.

I’d like to bump this thread to see if anyone has changed their opinion since the last comment on July 28.

My primary interest is high quality teledildonics. I plan to purchase an sr6 in the new year, and my thinking is that I’d like to augment high quality scripts with additional scripting for the sr6’s wider movement ranges.

If teledildonics are your interest, there are really only two games in town - SLR and czechvr. Either subscription will give you everything you need in that field.

Be aware that with SLR you need to buy the scripts separately on top of the subscription, or pay for a separate script subscription. I will say that they definitely earn that money though.

Czechvr scripts come at no additional cost once subscribed, but their script output isn’t quite as high and there was a temporary script quality issue for a brief period that has been 95% resolved. Most of the time any script from SLR or czechvr will be top class.

One thing to note, if the SR6 has additional movement dimensions aside from up/down, nobody supports this. For the time being expect synchronised up/down movement only (it’s enough, believe me). Also be aware of the distinct possibility that additional movement dimensions will never catch on, due to the sheer amount of effort it would take to script a video in that way. You would have to add in the extra dimension yourself and expect this to take a very, very long time per video.

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