Best way to get smooth playback in 5k and higher

Just upgraded my headset. Got the quest 2 and using whirligig things still stutter when trying to play higher resolution videos.

I’m currently using whirligig and video card is a 2060, but even using deovr it still has stutter problems. Any recommendations on how I should be going about it? Thanks.

Use Whirligig and configure it to use DirectShow. Install LAV Filters and set decoding inside of LAV Settings to Nvidia CUVID. You may try D3D11 also.

Alternatively try Media Foundation configuration from Whirligig and install HEVC Video Extension from this link. (x64 - not the one from the Windows store.) | Downloads for HEVC Video Extension 1.0.50361 (

DeoVR is the worst imho. Whirligig also has better picture quality.


The easiest way to get the right codecs for DirectShow is to install the K-Lite Codec Pack.

In my experience, DirectShow tends to work better than Media Foundation.

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No, please don’t install K-Lite Codec Pack.

Even back in the days they were just a mess most of the times and they’re completely useless nowadays.
Use LAVFilters : Releases · Nevcairiel/LAVFilters · GitHub for VR stuff.

Use MPC-HC for everything else.(from the github as the official one isn’t updated anymore) : Releases · clsid2/mpc-hc · GitHub
They’re also using LAV Filters internally. Never had a file that couldn’t be played.

I’m also using madVR video renderer for MPC-HC for best picture quality with customized settings for various upscaling techniques tailored to my own GPU. There are guides out there and it’s a bit of work, but it’s worth it. Even in default configuration it’s better than every renderer that VLC or any other media player has to offer. MPC-HC alone is better than VLC with the EVR renderer.

So many people still using that overloaded VLC because official MPC-HC webpage is owned by some ***hole with a version from 2017 saying that development stopped while there was indeed a lot of development on it and it’s handsdown the best. It’s clean, it’s fast, it’s stable, it can play nearly everything and the picture quality is better. Only noobs are recommending VLC. :smirk:


How do I know that LavFilters are working when using Whirligig?

You have to choose Direct Show inside of Whirligig options for the video renderer path. It’ll use LAV then.

Hey, if you have Q2 it’ means that you have a capable workpower already been in your headset. Dont try to do stupid things like challenging codecs ! First buy yourself a Pigasus Player from hanginghat studios, set up a DLNA server and turn of transcoding option. Then play whatever you want from your computer

Well, how do you use scripts then with Pigasus Player?

He didnt mentioned anything about the scripts in his thread. you cant use scripts with pigasus so try deovr before they spiked their software next week and dont update again!

DeoVR is already crap on Quest2. Smooth playback on different refreshrates are just not possible with local files or over DLNA. Last tested weeks ago. I’d rather go for the codec route than using that piece of shit player and have stable frametimes instead. Here’s hoping that the upcoming HereSphere port for Q2 will have remote control API or Skybox or Pigasus coming to their senses and adding this function.

hoping same

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Id be using scripts for sure.

before i go down rabbit hole of figuring out a new player, can whirligig play videos and script on quest 2 locally ? im currently using deovr with slr interactive direct method. Is this possible also with this other player? or need to connect to computer…?

Only solution to play it locally (as in local on Quest 2) - with scripts - is DeoVR.
You’ll get way better quality and smoothness by using Pigasus for example. But it doesn’t have script capability.
There is a Whirligig Quest2 port, but it also doesn’t have that function.

So you’ll have to go the PC-VR route (Whirligig on Steam + ScriptPlayer) if you aren’t satisfied with DeoVR performance.

that sucks, hopefully they add capability to do it with other players in future, thanks

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