Better Content Warnings

Since we still don’t have a great onboarding experience and there’s a handful of people who don’t know how to blacklist tags, here’s a proposal:

Like with the no-free-links tag, enforce a warning message in topics tagged with loli, shota, furry, animated-bestiality, alongside other potentially sensitive subjects. Link to a guide on how to use the mute feature to hide these topics for themselves.

Warning: LOLI lolipolice
>> How to hide this from my feed?

Warning: FURRY catpolice
>> How to hide this from my feed?

>[size=5][color=#f35b5b] **Warning:  LOLI[size=1][/size]** [/color][/size] ![lolipolice|32x32, 90%](upload://fKA8M0zk5kwWM0MX9d1PK4LCH60.png) 
[**>> How to hide this from my feed?**](

Below are some extensions to how one could use this format:

Warning: Not Serious

Avertissement: FRENCH baguet
>> How to hide this from my feedÉ

Warning: HARDCORE COMMUNISM SEX communistdoge
>> How to hide this from my feed?

The link directs to a image I made instead of How to personalize feed and EroScripts interface + Blacklist Tags because I don’t want Husky to be pinged a billion times.


Seems rather unnecessary. Surely a proper onboarding would be a better solution for this.

For example how would it be enforced if someone doesn’t do this. And which tags are deemed sus enough to require it.

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lol I have a feeling I know what prompted this thread.

Unfortunately I have a nagging feeling that those who throw a fit over drawings WILLINGLY refuse to blacklist the tag.

I do not see this helping at all but sure that could help, in theory.

There really should be some kind of mandatory tutorial that goes through these before posting on the forum or something if you want my opinion.


I remember there was a bot that helps you onboard discourse in DM when you register. Dunno if that’s customisable.

And did the admins ever say why they can’t just blacklist loli by default? Seems like a no brainer unless there’s some technical limitation

There’s a big old thread about it. Basically again, if you ban loli by default because some people dislike it, why not any other tag. Not worth rediscussing here


Doesn’t matter if they’re default muted or not, in the end there needs to be a proper onboarding to let people know the feature exists, and how to use it.


I’m hoping for a better solution eventually but I think this is probably the best we can do for now. Thanks for the links to the muting tutorials, I’ll make use of them on my own posts if I feel it’s necessary.

True. I mute furry but does that mean it should be muted by default? I actually don’t think so. It’s ridiculous to think a tag needs to be muted by default so that the keyboard warriors on a PORN forum don’t get offended.

Like I haven’t seen things I find fucked up here.

Granted, loli is a hot button issue in on itself because of Twitter brainrot.
But there’s no clout to be gained here.


one option could be to have ALL tags be opt-in and you choose what you want after signing up, not sure if discourse has that as a feature


I have a solution to this.
Default actions with new accounts will set all content filters to ON for EVERY TAG.
New account holders will get a big disclaimer telling them they NEED to go into their filters and disable at least ONE of them. Don’t allow them to leave the page until they do and check the box next to a disclaimer stating they know they are in control of the content they see, and are responsible for acting like an adult.

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When I read the guy’s comment, I thought he’s either trolling, or not quite right in the head, so I just ignored him.
Now that it has generated some traction, I feel like I should ask:
Did I do something wrong? I added the tag.
Do I have to add any extra bells and whistles to have it not show up in some people’s feeds?
I’ve been using this forum for some months now, but I’ve never seen someone sperg out like this before.

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you didn’t do anything wrong at all. you could add the warning like falafel does to his posts, but it’s completely up to you, as long as you appropriately tagged the post, you’re good.

spergs gonna sperg


This feels like a good idea in the sense that if someone does end up complaining about (loli or any other tag), it means they had to willingly whitelist the tag first.
It’s not the most elegant, but will remove the plausible deniability that they just stumbled upon it, because I agree with this:


My Diona script just got taken down for some reason.
I got an automated message saying it’s illegal content.
All the other ones are still up. Is there no moderation here? Someone reports your topic and it just gets deleted automatically?
What’s going on?
The site is teeming with loli/shota/bestiality and pirated links in general, and mine gets taken down because it has a single still image of a loli?
I don’t get it. I can only keep asking the same thing: Did I do something I shouldn’t have?
Can I reupload it? Will it get deleted again?


You probably got false flagged by someone whom hates the content and someone may have not looked at it closely enough or didn’t get to it in time before the system auto-moderated it.

That’s my guess as to what happened. (As I have no idea what the behind scenes looks like)

Ain’t right that though that it just gets hidden or deleted without being able to go “woha what is wrong here?” and then someone must look at it. Also I feel like this is happening so often now that I wonder if notes are being kept on people’s flags and if they were valid or not as well…mass false flagging is and easy reason to remove their flagging privileges or something since it wastes time all around.

EDIT: I’ve now actually read the first post and thought the images were too small incase used for thumbnails or as a big extra warning sign. So I found a quick image upscale online and made an 64, 128 and 256 versions of it (aren’t the best since well…website based and didn’t pay for it) but hopefully job done well enough. Uploaded to pixeldrain and workupload since it’s 6 total images instead of 5… Police icon pack ~ pixeldrain and Police icon pack ~ workupload, enjoy. Here’s the biggest version of them:
furry police x256 loli police x256

PS I’mma be really upset with myself if I missed that there is already bigger versions out there that I blindly missed or didn’t check for in the right place. :flushed: :scream: