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Better results with the motion tracking tool

Motion tracker is great tool when used correctly, but it seems some people have bit trouble using to get best possible outcome. In this post i would like to share my way of using it with pretty good results, and i think it might help some people who have issues with it.

Blindly trusting the tool is not very good idea, since it’s not that great at giving the right stroke length, or sometimes the timing might be wrong. If you want the best result, you should manually make the script to be sure all the timings/lengths are correct. I also don’t recommend using it with any blowjob/handjob parts, those should be made manually to get the best result.

Here is a short video i made making small part of “RealJamVR -Victoria June Tight Anal Multicams - Victoria June” scene.


I usually start by making the insert manually until there is longer part where there is consistent action. I watch the video with 3x speed and whenever there is weird stroke/camera cut/or stroke length changes ect., i mark the spot and make that part manually until the action continues. I usually only use one point tracking and that gives pretty good results. In the video im tracking female’s movement, but you are tracking male, you have to invert the strokes (i is the default key in OFS) if hes doing the banging.

(red=manual, green=motion tracked)

After motion tracking a part, i usually max the stroke length to see how well the tracking did. Checking the first few strokes is recommended to make sure timing is right. It is usually easy to spot the parts what should be checked. If the banging should be faster in, i check the parts where there is red/orange lines up to make sure it is good. After fixing the timings, i drop the stroke length down to 80%, so i have bit more room if there are clearly longer strokes later in the video.

It is also very easy to spot the incorrect/missing strokes, when the action should be similar in the motion tracked part.

Here is the script i made in the video if you want to check it out.
RealJamVR -Victoria June Tight Anal Multicams - Victoria June_i-frames.funscript (3.4 KB)

Small downside doing this method is that you lose the “realistic” feel of varying strokes, but you get bit more accurate timing with less work than checking each stroke one by one. Of course you should watch the motion tracked part with normal speed to see if you notice any wrong timings. I also do most of the slower parts by hand, to make sure there isn’t any issues with them.

I hope this helps you getting better results with the tool if you are using it. I have done almost all of my scripts this way, so feel free to check them out Cool69 - Script Index :slight_smile:

(I hope Realjamvr doesn’t mind i used their video to showcase this)