Beware of SLR Subscription Renewal

I am so pissed right now. I subbed to one month to try it out and was going to cancel before it renewed. Details said that the sub would end 3/2/23, but it charged me today 2/28/23. Now I am sure that they will not refund it and that is exactly why they want you to sub right? I’m done with them.


Hi @clonewars200 - really sorry to hear about this, and Im not sure why that would have happened but you should definitely send a quick message to customer support here → Contact us | SexLikeReal

They should be able to directly and quickly help resolve the issue with what happened with your particular account

There’s some billing logic behind that we don’t have control over.

We will refund you immediately if you haven’t used the sub

Awesome thank you!

I sent a message yesterday. Thanks!

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I sent a message through the website the same day that I posted this. Any idea how long before I should expect a reply?