Big survey about video preferences for scripting

Hello everybody!

As the title says, this is a survey about video preferences for scripting and what kind of videos you like most seeing / being scripted. Basically I just want to know, what the community likes the most.
I made polls for several questions. For some polls you can choose only one answer, for some more.

I hope this helps the entire community to choose videos to script. Personally, I sometimes struggle to find videos to script. On one hand, I want to script something I like, because otherwise it wouldn’t be fun. On the other hand, I also want to script something that the community likes. I want others to enjoy the script as well and it feels more worth the time I spent making the script, when others like it as well.

If you want to add anything more to it, you can give a more detailed answer in the comments.
Also, if you have any ideas for more questions, let me know and I’ll add them.

Thank you very much for participating.
Happy voting


:star: New Questions

Max choices: 1

For PMVs: Do you prefer if the script is beat based, action based, or a mix of both?
  • Beat based
  • Action based
  • A mix of both
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Max choices: 3

What are some major turn offs for you?
  • Anal
  • Incest roleplay (Stepsister / -brother / -father / -mother)
  • BDSM
  • CGI / Animated/ Hentai
  • Footjob
  • Male does finish himself
  • Bad acting (lots of fake morning and exaggerated dirty talk)
  • Submissive / Domination play
  • Action is only done by the male
  • Milf / Girl is too old
  • Girl is too hairy
  • Guy has a bad body shape (Chubby / unkempt / etc.)
  • Girl has a bad body shape (Chubby / unkempt / etc.)
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Max choices: 1

Do you like “vibrations” in script?
  • Yes, I love them!
  • Yes, but only if not used excessively (e.g. some strokes during a blowjob)
  • No, not all
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Max choices: 1

Do you own a VR device?
  • Yes and I enjoy VR videos with scripts
  • Yes, but I do not watch VR videos with scripts
  • No, but I enjoy VR videos with scripts
  • No and I do not watch VR videos with scripts
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Max choices: 1

Specific for 2d videos, what camera angle you like the most?
  • POV
  • Non-POV
  • A mix of POV and non-POV
  • Female POV
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Max choices: 2

What genre/s in general you like the most?
  • Amateur
  • Professional
  • VR
  • Animated (CGI / 3D / Anime / HMVs / etc.)
  • PMVs
  • Niche genre/s (Gay / Trans / etc.)
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Max choices: 3

In more detail, what sub genre/s you like the most?
  • Blowjob videos
  • Handjob videos
  • Penetration videos (Riding, Doggy, etc.)
  • JOI videos
  • Videos with a challenge theme (don’t-cum-challenge / Cock Hero / etc.)
  • Compilation videos
  • Anything with cosplay
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Max choices: 1

What camera angle you like the most?
  • POV
  • Non-pov
  • A mix of both
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Max choices: 1

When it comes to penetration videos, do you prefer if the action is done only by the girl, only by the guy, or from both?
  • Only by the girl
  • Only by the guy
  • A mix of both
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Max choices: 2

When it comes to specific penetration actions, what action you like the most?
  • Cowgirl
  • Reverse Cowgirl
  • Doggystyle
  • Missionary
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I just chose the “basic” positions here. This also includes variations from the positions, like standing doggy, missionary on a table, sitting cowgirl, sitting reverse cowgirl and so on.

Max choices: 2

When it comes to the finish section, what kind of finish you like the most?
  • Creampie finish
  • Facial finish
  • Oral creampie / cum in mouth finish
  • Cum on boobs finish
  • Cum on pussy finish
  • Cum on ass finish
  • Cum on body finish
  • I don’t care where the finish is
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Max choices: 1

For the finish section, by who do you want the finish to be made?
  • I prefer when the girl is doing the finish
  • I prefer when the guy is doing the finish
  • I don’t care who is doing the finish
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Max choices: 1

For example: There is great video, but the finish is done by the guy, is it a huge turn off for you?
  • Yes, it is. I wouldn’t want to use the script because of it.
  • Yes, but I would still want to use the script.
  • No, I don’t mind. If the video is great, I don’t care who is doing the finish.
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Max choices: 2

What kind of girls you like the most?
  • Asian (Japanese / Chinese / Korean / Thai / etc.)
  • Arabic
  • Caucasian (White)
  • Eastern European (Russian / etc.)
  • Ebony (Afro American / Africa / etc.)
  • Latinas
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Max choices: 1

When it comes to the video length, what video length do you prefer?
  • 1 - 5 minutes
  • 5 - 10 minutes
  • 10 - 15 minutes
  • 20 - 30 minutes
  • 30 - 40 minutes
  • 40 minutes +
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Max choices: 1

When it comes to the intensity, which intensity do you prefer?
  • Slow
  • Medium
  • Fast
  • Very fast
  • A mixture of everything
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Max choices: 1

Do you ever use the same script more than once?
  • Yes
  • No
  • It depends
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Max choices: 2

What “personality type” do you prefer?
  • Pornstar (i.e. lots of moaning, dirty talking)
  • Sweet girl
  • Bossy girl / Dominate girl
  • Submissive girl
  • I con’t care about the personality
  • Other
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Max choices: 2

What kind of scenario you like?
  • None (straight sex with no specific scenario)
  • Girlfriend Experience
  • Massage
  • Wacky / Original / Funny / Parody
  • Cheating
  • Anything outdoor
  • Anything fetish
  • Casting
  • Other
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Max choices: 1

How many girls you prefer in videos?
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 3 +
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Max choices: 1

Do you prefer filler strokes (motion in between on-screen action)?
  • No
  • Yes, for long periods of inactivity (1+ min)
  • Yes, even during small duration such as transitioning between positions
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Max choices: 2

What body characteristics you like the most?
  • Big ass
  • Big tits
  • Milf
  • Teen / Petite / Small
  • Thick (big tits, thin waist, big ass, big thighs)
  • BBW
  • Muscular women
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For “What kind of girls you like the most?” it’s too hard to pick only 2, a “I don’t care” option might have been nice.


Thanks for taking the time to create this survey and incorporate feedback from your other post. You’re a prolific scripter as it is, but I greatly appreciate it when anybody puts in the time and effort to go above and beyond.

I look forward to enjoying more of your work.


True, a “I don’t care” option would have been good. Often the good ideas come after doing something ^^
I can’t edit polls, after some votes already have been done. But I keep it in mind for the next questions.

Thank you! I always try to think a bit around the edge and think how to improve everything.

Happy to hear you like the idea.

And thank you everybody for these many votes already :slightly_smiling_face:

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I’m not sure what’s the difference between those two choices. In both cases, yes, the person is using script more than once, and sometime not… :wink:

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These are really great field questions. I would also suggest questions in relationship to what would turn someone off from a script - Most people’s preferences vary as their mood does - Their dislikes don’t vary that much however.

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I picked other because I just like people genuinely having fun, no matter what the performance is, if any.

First of all, I love a good survey. Unless I missed it, I would think something like favorite actress characteristics, e.g. Big Ass, Big Tits, Teens, Milfs, etc. would be helpful?

I’m going to specifically address VR, where the details of the scene are so important and can be tough to generalize. For instance:

Personal Likes are secondary to great scenes

I love MFF+ scenes. I love dirty talk. But MFF+ scenes are often ruined by terrible dirty talk. Something about a bunch of girls together just encourages bad acting, and for every “Butt Expert Is Here”, a scene with fantastic chemistry and great acting, you’ll find a million terrible Naughty America MFFF scenes where the girls are moaning terribly with awful “Yeah! Fuck her right in the pussy with your magnum dong” inauthentic dialogue that kills immersion. But what makes good/bad dirty talk is pretty subjective.

But… VR Has Far Bigger Problems

I only care about VR funscripts, but VR has serious production problems that can kill even the best directed scene. I’m not into MILFS or Anal, but a well shot scene in VR can make anyone a convert.
On the flipside, any scene with hot casting but shot with bad production is ruined. Somehow, with maybe eight years of VR production under their belts, this still applies to most studios and most scenes! So first and foremost I prefer sites shot in good scale, which eliminates most of the following studios:

Note: For reference, my IPD is about 68 and I’m using a Quest 2. I had a Quest CV1 and a Samsung Gear VR and had the same problems on each. I’m sure this is IPD dependent.

Major Studios Ranked by Scale

Shit Tier Scale
The following studios are largely unwatchable.

  • VirtualRealPorn (models appear huge, camera all fucked up)
  • VR Hush / FuckPassVR (Scale not toooo bad, but camera placement is impossible to overcome, doggy style is shot from a mile above - aka “giraffe neck”)
  • VRPorn (I’m pretty sure they don’t even watch their stuff before putting it out)
  • VRPFilms (models too big)

Barely Better Scale
Some of the following have some decent offerings, with NA & Swallowbay with good color but slightly too big, TMW and SexBabesVR are often decent the last time I checked (but have terrible color sometimes).

  • NaughtyAmericaVR (clear image often great, bad directors, still too large scale, shoot MFFF scenes with girls wayyyyy too far to the side of their small camera which makes them huge)
  • 18VR
  • SexBabesVR (maybe getting better scale, at least)
  • TMWVRNet (maybe getting better scale, at least)
  • VRConk (mostly huge scale girls, great color at least)
  • WetVR (often quality just sucks)
  • SwallowBay (great camera I like the color, girls just seem a little big)
  • VREdging (great camera clarity, girls bodies are stretched out too long and look like skinny long foot amazons no matter how I try to correct in @HereSphere)

Decent Scale

  • WankzVR (used to have the best scale, newer rig requires tons of adjustment to try to fix scale)
  • CzechVR (usually just a little too big, sometimes great scale, camera can be really clear, probably best from this group, I wish they’d let their girls speak Czech or whatever instead of awful English)
  • VRBangers
  • VRLatina (absolute shit quality control, half the time girl’s head in cowgirl or guy’s dick in doggy is cropped out by camera)
  • BrasilVR
  • VRBangers (can be great, can suck)
  • VRCosplayX (scale, and color, doesn’t seem as good as Badoink. Why?)

Mostly Good Scale

  • SLR
  • BadoinkVR
  • DeepInSex
  • VirtualTaboo / DarkRoomVR
  • AnalDelight

A few Notes
Of all the crap-scale studios, I find that NaughtyAmericaVR gives me the most hope because it is somewhat fixable with HereSphere. However, the directing is often awful and they insist on putting girls on the outside of the video frame which stretches them out. VREdging and SwallowBay also are so close to getting a product with good colors and lighting out there–the former often just looks like I’m getting sucked off by a 7 foot woman stretched out on a bed.

By far the most important thing when scripting VR is picking a scene with great immersion. I love teens with big asses, yet Uma Jolie has a few amazing scenes and she’s neither a teen nor does she have a big ass. WankzVR shot a scene or two with her when they had the scale dialed in just right.
The scenes are just hot, as is she.

Conclusion & TLDR
I think it’s a lot easier to generalize with non-VR porn, but with VR, by far the most deciding factor is the immersion, which is dependent on good camera placement, great technology, and a director who gives a fuck. VR needs to be its own category and its own discussion (IMO). Anything fucked up with the scene production ruins whatever else I would look for in a scene, so I want to scripts scenes that have:

What Matters in VR, to Make_Fun

    1. Perfect scale
    1. Great camera placement
    1. Good color
      … large gap
    1. Lot’s of ass showing when girls give a BJ
    1. Girls with some enthusiasm
      … huge gap
    1. No bad Eastern European accents speaking English–let them use their native tongue, it’s much hotter.
    1. Teens who aren’t too tall with big asses that can talk dirty and throw that ass back and finish the job like they’re on a mission and ass is visible during much of the scene, including the cumshot

At this point in VR, I’d love to script or have scripted any scenes that have 1 & 2 covered. Anything more is just icing on the cake.

Thank you, kind reader, for reading my feedback/rant.

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I’m surprised to see the “pornstar” personality being so popular. The “dirty” talk is some of my least favourite things in videos. 40+ minutes of “oh shit, oh fuck, oh shit” while they moan unnaturally is such a huge turn off for me. Those often come with plastic boobs and fake lips as well which doesn’t make it any better …

Probably the frequency. I’d assume “Yes” means you frequently use the same script more than once while “it depends” means you only rarely replay the same script e.g. there is one specific script that you really like.

100 % agreed

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General feedback on surveys, it is usually a good practice to ask the reverse of the question with a single choice.
(Somewhat like you did with the finish question.)
You would get a much more clean picture about people opinions.

Like you could have asked the “What personality irks/annoys you most? / What personality a turn off for you?” question as well. Because I for one can not stand a 40 minute fake pornstar moaning.

Let say if the other 53%, who voted something else has the same view and if none has an issue with sweet girls, they just prefer submissive girls and pornstars a bit more, the votes portray a picture that not necessarily benefit you at the end of the day.

Because if this is the case, and your next script is a sweet girl everyone will like it at least and if it a pornstar only half of them “has the chance” to enjoy it.

I have a similar issue with VR as well… I do not own a VR device and the “put your phone in a box” is not a good experience…


I’m surprised by the amount of people voting for slow intensity. Slow PMV? :pray:


That’s a good idea. I will think about questions for that. Does anything come in your mind for that, which should be added?

Good idea, I will add this. Thank you!

Big agree on this. VR porn is fantastic. Way better than 2d in my taste. But the scale needs to be right. And so many studios do it wrong sadly. Don’t they see that the scaling is wrong? They have to test their videos, don’t they? Or do they seriously not see that the scaling is off? Sometimes the girls are so big and tall you think it’s some giant fetish porn.

Didn’t see that getting used that much. I am a fan of using mirrors. Some videos use them so you can see the girl from different angles. What I also really liked, but doesn’t seem to get used anymore, is multicam for example. I hope the multicam usage gets a little comeback.

Yes! Good example are the JAV productions. They also don’t speak English. That would be terrible. One reason people like JAV productions, I’d assume, is that they speak Japanese and don’t come up with back accent broken English.

Thank you for the detailed answer. I can see that VR is very much on the rise. With headsets becoming better and prices stabilize, the entry into VR becomes much easier. Also the production is getting better and better. There is already so much content and you have a great variety.

Thank you, I will keep this in mind. I will think about questions to use for that. If you have any specific ideas on questions, let me know.

Thank you all for the comments and for participating in the survey. I will think about more questions to be added.

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Added a new questions about body characteristics. It’s in the original post above. I added it at the end.

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I wonder if the popularity of VR is skewing the results for this question. It’s possible that some VR fans just see POV as shorthand for VR, I would’ve liked to see the question specific for 2D video.

Also, very happy to see that “slow” won the plurality for script speed. It’s a shame they aren’t more common.

also wanted to say thanks for taking the time to ask. Something that kills the mood for me when … … … enjoying… … … joi’s or cock heros ist when there is a wanted break in the action and the script keeps pumping out actions.

and I have to agree slow sections in scripts can be very enjoyable if utilized in the proper way… or even slow scripts (for stimmers I would reference blueberry vortex here)

(notably this is written from a point of view someone who uses alot of #estim, not all scripts translate well to estim, but am faced with a current drought of content unfortunately.)

Thank you for the suggestions. I added a specific 2d camera angle. From now I’ll add new questions on the top, instead of the bottom for a bitter highlight of new questions.

You are welcome :slightly_smiling_face:

Absolutely. Unfortunately, finding slower videos is really hard. I once tried to find some slow / edging riding videos. How many did I find? Non. There may be some slower sections in them, but overall they are medium to fast when it comes to the speed. Slower videos are more common for specific blowjob / handjob videos with a edge / JOI theme in them. Otherwise I rarely find slow videos.

I am always up for some good suggestions btw. If anybody thinks they found a good video for me to script (as long as it’s some amateur content and not professional), send me a link via DM. Can’t promise I will script it, but I will definitely look at it.


Since there are quite a high number of people like the VR genre, I would add a VR device question, with these answers:
Do you own a VR device?

  • Yes and I enjoy VR videos with scripts
  • Yes, but I do not watch VR videos with scripts
  • No, but I enjoy VR videos with scripts
  • No and I do not watch VR videos with scripts

Thank you for the suggestion. I added the question in the original post above.


Could you also add a question to select which 3 major turnoff features would cause you to decide NOT to watch / but script.
Example, select 3 from this list.

  1. Anal
  2. Incest roleplay
  3. BDSM
  4. CG/Hentai
  5. Footjob
  6. Male does finish himself

Thank you for the suggestion. I added a question specific for turn offs.

I also added a new question about vibration in scripts.

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