Bluetooth connectivity - Fleshlight Launch

My fleshlight launch is not connecting with Bluetooth. I enquired with IFL and they are saying that Kiroo stopped this support. I am not able to find out how to fix it.

Anyone else encountering the same problem? If so is there a way to fix it?


If you still have warranty they are obliged to fix your toy or send you a replacement in form of their newer product.

My warranty is expired since I bought it 2 years ago or something. As far as I know this will affect fleshlight launch users.

Anyone else encountering the same problem?

This is a very common known issue with the launch-- probably more hassle fixing it than its worth in my opinion. Probably time to upgrade to a better device.

That’s what I am thinking. What do you guys recommend?

Funny, I also just started having bluetooth connection issues. It still connects but it disconnects pretty frequently.

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If you are looking for a plug and play solution the most commonly chosen toy is “The Handy”. The best performing solution is the OSR2+ or SR6 (open source strokers by tempestVR). Basically just need a 3D printer or you can buy one prebuilt from here. Performs miles better than the launch but requires more tinkering/maintenance than a commercial product like the handy.

For the OSR2/SR6:

For the Handy:


Awesome. Thanks @Cibr

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