Body Mount For Masturbators

Hey everyone!

Sorry if this topic has already been addressed, I couldn’t find anything.
I already own a Handy. It’s great!
I got myself a desk-clamp and it worked amazingly.

After a few months now though, I really wish I had the ability to, well, move more.
I like using my handy as long as I can :smile: but after an hour I’ll get a sore back or ass from sitting weird and holding a certain position.

So what I was hoping to find was a kind of body-mount system (for example something like this “” if the pants were like a harness of sorts). Or maybe something like a “waist-band” that can be tightened to the body so my Handy can always be right where I need it even if I need to move around in my seat to get more comfortable.

I was hoping for a professional product, but so far I can’t seem to find something along those lines.
If you got any suggestions, I’d highly appreciate it!

You should check out this post. It has a lot of good stuff. DIY Handy Hands Free ideas?

If you have a 3D printer, or know someone that will print for you, check out @Abdulis profile on Thingiverse. He has designed/updated several body type mounts.


Thanks xaxMrAxax!

Yes thingiverse is great - the handy discord and reddit are awesome too :grinning:

I also enjoy using my Handy for over an hour at a time. This is the setup I use. I initially used it sitting in a chair with it suctioned to a desk, and it worked fine that way. Later I got a second gooseneck so I could use it lying/seated in bed with the suction cup base underneath my legs. I give the extra long gooseneck some extra rigidity by sliding some soft plastic tubing over it. The upside down U-shape allows me to pull the blankets up over it. This creates additional stability with the downward pressure and reduces a lot of noise. I love it because it allows the Handy to move with me as I shift positions. It’s fun with something like a cock hero because sometimes I’ll instinctively try to get away from it if I get too close, but nope there’s no getting away from it. It’s also really easy to shift positions back and forth from sitting straight up to lying completely horizontal.

Im using also the hands³ setup from @Abdulis :slight_smile:

You can print it via an external service. Really a masterpiece setup^^
I think i must write a review in the handy discord…forgot about it^^

One little point for me: would be cool to…“swing/clap/swipe” it away…the handy…to quickly have it free…^^ maybe to the top/belly

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Thanks Vertx - Validation always inspires me to keep going, hopefully more cool stuff still to cum quite soon over the Easter break.

As for quick release - are you using the belts with the quick release buckles? Even if using the belts the velcro way only, you should be able to take a deep breath and then simply rotate the belts with the hands³ to either side of your hip and abdomen. Theres also now a hands³ mini that might be helpful too.

Thanks again

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Nice to hear :slight_smile:
I think your design/setup is absolutly awesome…but really hard to find^^ Saw it via some hours googling/reddit reading etc… also most people are a little bit quite after they have it working?
Anyway…great job and im looking for the mini and upcoming things :slight_smile:

Yes, im using the full setup with the belts…
Hm…yeah but im thinking of quickly remove it out of sight for maybe some handwork as an example or lubing etc…its working super, dont get me wrong. Just an idea^^

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:blush: Bit of a team effort between the community, the handy team and me too so I can’t take all the credit.

Yes, I’m going do better write up over the Easter break with chearer pics to illustrate too

Yes some are quiet generally, which is fair enough but luckily we also have those like yourself that share invaluable feedback that ultimately only helps further improvement and awareness.

The hands³ mini and other bits are already in the latest thingiverse link -

And the other bits to come include the Twister, Project MT, and the Pleasure Pillowcase and some more.

Oh yes, as to a quick place to store the set up away, inside the Pleasure Pillowcase should help.

Theres lots more info in the handy discord however some is sort of hidden away in that you need to go to customisations thread, then in options, click/tap on sub-treads, this reveals the numerous other threads of projects/bits worked on - this includes the project black bell one that im going to refer to as the pleasure pillowcase more so going forward.

Thanks again :+1:

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