Brand new Handy

Hi there,
Bought a Handy thinking it would be an amazing thing…
I’m not really a fan.
If anyone in the U.S. is looking for one, I’d be happy to sell.
Like to get my money back, but everything is negotiable.

Great site though, anyway! lol

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fwiw it can take a few ‘attempts’ to get things working just right - if you haven’t already, it’s worth chatting to Handy support to make sure that you’re getting the most out of it. I’ve noticed that there can be a massive difference between a ‘good’ session and a ‘bad’ session :slight_smile:

I’ve never actually used a device designed specifically for fun-scripts. I’ve only ever used and estim device. but i have thought about getting a handy in the past. i didnt because of the money but mostly the noise. i think if you set things up properly it should be good.
where did you buy it from and how much did it cost you? if it was amazon and you couldn’t return it because of some bs about hazardous materials. could just report it stolen. get your money back and still keep it.

I’ve had no real issues in using it, haven’t delved to deep in script but have gone along with some stuff, as well as manually…
Just isn’t right for me…

I’m not a kid and even with help don’t stay “happy” for hours anymore LOL…
Seems like it takes forever to wrap it up and can get annoying. Hahahaa

It’s setup correctly, and not too loud at all…
Like I said, just not for me I think, already dealt with Amazon and made out fine, just tossing it out there if someone might want to try one for cheap.
Not my cup o tea LOL

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